Monday, June 01, 2009

Adam Neate Print Show In Hong Kong


Vernissage: 6:30pm - 8:30pm, 18 June 2009
Exhibition: 19 June - 18 July 2009
Venue: Main Gallery, 21 - 31 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong 
Adapta is thrilled to present renowned contemporary artist, Adam Neate for the first time in Hong Kong. The exhibition will feature a collection of limited edition prints by the artist, all of which are produced from his original works. Schoeni Art Gallery and Adapta would like to thank Elms Lesters Painting Rooms especially for supporting the exceptional artist, Adam Neate, and our endeavour in promoting the artist in Hong Kong and Asia. His original artwork consists of paintings made with recycled cardboard boxes that possess both two and three dimensional qualities. He often depicts stylised figurative images and portraits that seem to be tinged with a dark undertone, while making a powerful impact on its viewers. Adam, at a young age has already garnered international acclaim in recent years with his intense, raw and emotionally charged style.

His works are composed by tearing up the cardboard material, then building them up in layers and stapling them together by hand. Adam Neate is celebrated for his mastery and technique over his medium, as well as for his complex layering and bold use of paint. Influenced by the concept of computer-aided design, Neate describes his creative process: "With cardboard it's great because I can do a face and if its not right I can rip it in half and move it this way. It's like a physical version of Photoshop where you're literally moving layers, its more malleable and and has that distressed energy to it."

For interview arrangements with the artist or the gallery director, or further information please contact Daniela Cavero.

Exhibition venue : Main Gallery, 21-31 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Date : 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, 18 June, 2009
Exhibition runs : 19 June 2009 -18 July, 2009
Contact Details : Tel +852-28698802
Fax: +852-25221528

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