Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mark Solondz Ultimate Toy Collection To Be Auctioned

Morphy’s presents single-owner collection of rare Japanese superhero, die-cast and vinyl toys, plus early robots, space toys in Nov. 13-14 auction.
Mark Solondz's collection is first of its kind ever to reach the auction marketplace and man, what a collection he has!

The comprehensive sci-fi toy collection of nearly 1,500 lots was consigned by Mark Solondz, a New Jersey-based collector who “flew under the radar for years and made very smart buying choices,” according to Dan Morphy Auctions’ owner and CEO Dan Morphy.

The collection consists of five basic categories: robots (tin and some plastic), space vehicles, Japanese superhero toys, die-cast toys by Popy and other Japanese manufacturers (e.g., Bullmark, Takatoku, Ark, Grip, Marusan, etc.), and Japanese vinyls (both vintage and contemporary).

The buzz in robot and superhero circles is that collectors from Japan and Europe are already lining up to buy airline tickets so they can fly to the United States to attend the auction and other auxiliary events planned by Morphy Auctions. In association with, Morphy’s will host a reception for the visiting robot community on Friday evening, Nov. 13, at The Black Horse tavern and hotel in Adamstown.

*sigh* What a collection to have....if I was mr. Solondz, I'd keep a hold of them for a couple more decades...
Thanks to toybotstudios for the comprehensive interesting read!

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