Saturday, October 10, 2009

Piano Magic Instore Gig At RoughTrade Record Shop

'Ovations' is released on Make Mine Music is a truly radical independent label,run and owned by the artists themselves. The artists pay for the manufacture and promotion of their own records and correspondinglyreceive 100% of any income generated. Other artists on the label include July Skies, Epic45 and Portal.

Piano Magic, formed as far back as 1996. Since then, they've released 12 long players and multiple singles and EPs on a plethora of independent labels. For the past 6 years, the band has been made up of both English and French members, though their music has the unmistakable air of classic late 70's/early 80's coldwave. In 2001, they coaxed Vashti Bunyan out of a 30 year retirement for their album, 'Writers Without Homes' before further notable collaborations with the likes of Low and Cornershop and 'Son de Mar, 'a beautiful soundtrack for Spanish film director, Bigas Luna. Regular tours and festival headlines throughout Italy, France, Germany and Spain have paid off with a devout Continental following and magazine cover stories.

Piano Magic's 10th official album is indisputably the one to catapult them out of the "cult" status they've endured (and enjoyed) these past 12 years. 'Ovations' is clearly the Anglo-French group's most coherent, confident and dynamic record to date.

'Ovations' showcases Piano Magic at the dizzy heights of their songsmithery - romantic, emotive, dynamic, anthemic.

Rough Trade East In-store - PIANO MAGIC - Monday 12th October, 7.00pm

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