Thursday, October 01, 2009

UK Internet Ranks 25th - 'Not Fit For The Future'

Research sponsored by Cisco has ranked the world’s broadband networks, with the UK performing poorly in 25th place.

The research was based on 24 million speed tests performed in 66 countries. The ratings focused on both download and upload speeds, as well as latency, combined with broadband penetration to create an overall index of quality.
Sitting atop the table was South Korea then Japan, whose super-fast broadband was already judged to be fit for future applications such as streaming High Definition video.
At 25th, the UK came behind Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia to name a few. In fact both Bulgaria and Latvia had “ready for tomorrow” rated networks.
We’ll still be lagging just a tad behind South Korea, a country which is talking about having widespread 1Gbps by 2012. Yes – 1000Mbps. Makes you want to cry into your router…


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