Thursday, October 15, 2009

Night Of The Living Bassheads


30th October – 1st November 2009

“it’s absolutely disgusting”

This Halloween sees the creation of something truly horrifying. Lovers of lightness, warmth and the shared joy of fellow man best take for sunnier climes as the Halloweekender is here to steal away your musical passion, and transform it into something loathsome, filthy, and devilish. A three day festival kicking off on All Hallows Eve and culminating in the sacrifice of your mum the following Sunday, the Halloweekender will supply all worshippers with the hardest hitting, darkest and most nefarious music and entertainment available in 2009.

The Halloweekender represents the best dark, dirty, downright diabolical music emanating from the twisted minds of some of the most noisome artists on the musical map. Whether it’s hard hitting techno business, disgusting bass works, fearsome rock devilry or twisted electronica, the Halloweekender will stand as a platform for the very best in quality filth. The one thing that ties in all artists performing at the weekender is the darkness in their music, the reliance on brooding bass and frighteningly upfront production, or just a simple attitude that says one thing; “heavyweight”. PlanB, Brixton, Sat night...see you there!

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