Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Shows This Week 21st January

In a fleeting collaboration, Theatre503 has brought together ten artists to transform the theatre space in conjunction with ‘Decade’. The artists’ work, which is created as a response to photo-journalistic imagery of the noughties, will anticipate and participate in its theatrical environment, breathing new life into the ghosts of the decade’s photo morgue. The artists are diverse and dynamic, taking on many forms and media, from graffiti to sound art. The work will live a brief dual life, over five days it will engage with its audience through the performance of ‘Decade’ which will happen in its midst each evening, whilst also having a life beyond the performance - a theatrical event in itself - as the audience explores the art in installation in the theatre space.

The artists are:

Rebecca Foster (fine artist)
Dan Kitchener (street/graffiti/commercial artist)
Greig Burgoyne (site specific wall drawings)
Babel (street/graffiti artist)
Code (Graffiti/Street Artist)
Snub23 (street/graffiti/commercial artist)
FCP - Manchester based collective consisting of:
Ess (Street Artist/Sculptor)
El Zab (Street Artist/Fantasy Artist)
Fya (Street Artist)

Design Curated by Cherry Truluck

The theatre space will be open each day
20th January - 22nd January between 1pm and 5pm
for members of the public to view this incredible installation.

In the evenings, at 7.45pm, the art will play host to Theatre503’s ‘Decade’, a night of ten short plays reflecting on the last ten years.

For more information on ‘Decade’ and to book tickets
visit or call 020 7978 7040

Charlie Tuesday Gates buys roadkill off e-bay, picks dead things up off the streets of East London- practicing DIY taxidermy. Making bizarre and surreal sculptures of Uncanny, subconscious ramblings. Dark humor twists the natural with the artificial, internal opposites and peculiar familiarities.........

The exhibition is divided in two huge rooms, one devoted to the group show 'Socle' and the other side is this solo show, viewed by candlelight and the tinkly tinkle of an old piano.

The show will run for two weeks until Tuesday, 02 February.

1-15 The Old Alsphatic Building | High Street Bow | London

Robert Sample is a young artist with a very contemporary view of the past. He explores, by the use of many traditional figurative methods, a world that has strong visual references to earlier masters and styles, yet is very much rooted in the present. In his forthcoming solo show at Signal Gallery, we will have the chance to see his most recent fine body of work.

The Signal Gallery solo show is called ‘The Removal’. The title is intended to be both ambiguous (implying loss) while also specifically referring to the primary of the sources of inspiration for the show.

8th - 23rd January

Signal Gallery, 96a Curtain Road, Hoxton, London, EC2A 3AA


Circleculture Gallery / Gipsstrasse 11 Berlin-Mitte Germany / open daily until march 6 2010 / tue-sat 2 – 6 pm
With Stage Power, Danish artist Helle Mardahl makes us experience an opulence of material and structure as the technical essence of her art. The exhibition consists of a series of individual works that become a single coherent installation, including paintings, drawings, three- dimensional textile collages, photo-collages, prints, and sculptures. With Stage Power, the artist distances herself from the clichés of fashion while she simultaneously creates her art in the hand-crafted skill of a Haute Couture production.


Alison Denbow ● Amir Khatib ● Cara Nahaul ● Caroline Bugby ● Charlotte Cranidge ● Claire Wheeler ●Daisy McMullan ● Deborah Nero ● Finn Stone ● Francesco Benenato ● Janet McKay ● Joanna Kay ● James ● Juan Blanco ● Louise Ashcroft ● Liesel Böckl ● Lynn Todd ● Marcha Garnier ● Nazir Tanbouli ● Nurith Lumer-Klabbers ● Rakhee ● Sally Swingewood ● Shoran Jiang ● Sophie Fishel ● Stuart Alexander ● Tamar Lev-on ● Tari June Goerlitz ●

With accompanying London sound-scapes by Aldis aka DJ Error
Private View: Friday 15th January 2010 - 6pm to 11pm
Exhibition runs from: Friday 15th January to Thursday 4th of February 2010
Gallery Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 11am - 6.30 pm - Sat: 12.30pm – 5pm
Last day of Exhibition: Thurs 4th February: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
London Vox is an exciting new group show of 30 artists living and working in London. Featuring works in a variety of media held at Red Gate Gallery, the exhibition aims to showcase stimulating art by both emerging and established artists.

Red Gate Gallery
209a Coldharbour Lane,
London. SW9 8RU. UK

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