Sunday, January 17, 2010

Game on! - Far Cry 2

It’s been a while since we reviewed a decent game here at ESPV so we thought we’d kick-off the year by reviewing one of favorite shooters..

Far Cry 2 isn't new but it sure is pretty. Developed and published by gaming legends Ubisoft and released in late 2008, this open-world free-roam style first person shooter turned a lot of heads and ranks highly in our personal top 10 list of favorite shooters.

Set in war torn Africa in present day, you play a mercenary.. (you get to choose from 6 characters) your primary goal is to find and assassinate the infamous arms dealer the Jackal. Along the way you make friends and buddies with other mercs whilst completing campaign and side missions for rebel factions locked in a bloody civil war that’s ripping the country apart.

As with most free-roam open-world games you have a massive list of weapons (everything from sniper rifles, RPGs, shotguns, assault rifles to flame throwers and silenced weapons) and vehicles (cars, 4x4s, boats) at your disposal and a large amount of side missions and upgrades available. This, together with the main story missions, keeps you busy and you often find yourself simply immersed in just cruising around the amazing landscapes picking off gorilla rebels and faction members whilst collecting diamonds that you find hidden around the map.

In short, this game boasts amazing graphics, fun action-packed missions and endless game play set in a fictional modern-day East Africa.. boasting beautiful jungles, deserts and savannas. If you like shooters that mix epic sized maps, countless side-missions and plenty of shooting then you’d be nicely satisfied.

So far we’ve played FC2 for about 6 days (on Xbox 360) of continuous game playing and we’re only 50% the way through.. and liking it a lot. There is a lot of repetitiveness at this point but as we still have much to do, achievements to unlock and upgrades to get.. we’re still pleasantly entertained.


Graphics 8/10
Game play 7/10
Game life 7/10
Replay ability 7/10
Action 7/10
Gore 6/10
Glitches and annoyances 3/10

Over all 85%

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