Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Dark Oriental Art Of Tim Lee

Tim Lee studied Fine Arts at Leeds Metropolitan University and currently lives & works in the UK.
“I hope people can see beauty in the simplicity of my acts; that they can admire my attempt to decorate and celebrate what it is to be human”
For me, its refreshing to see the ancient culture of China being used in a contemporary artistic sense, because it's normally the Japanese traditions & aesthetics that are exploited by creatives the world over. China has a wealth of beautiful iconography to draw inspiration from and I am glad that someone is doing it well.....

“You Can’t be Devil & Angel”
Ink on Chinese rice paper
30cm x 45cm

"Love Must Die Young (Never Old Enough)" Diptych
Ink Drawing on Chinese Rice Paper
(30cm x 45cm) x2

"Ashes Between You and Me"
Ink on calligraphy paper
35cm x 39cm

“You were born with a light between your eyes, I was born to answer to your Sun”
Ink on rice paper
50cm x 63cm


Anonymous said...

very cool!

VZT said...

Wow, that's siccccckkkkk!!!

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