Saturday, January 16, 2010

TIE Fighter Bramblebot Custom

Kirkland Jue of the infamous Toybot Studios Blog has created a sick-looking TIE-Fighter custom Bramblebot for the new show at Super7 entitled, 'It came From Skullbrain II"....

Backstory: A Tie-Fighter crash-landed on the World War Robots planet.

A band of Tomorrows Kings were scavenging the ship for parts and felt sorry for the pilot who was dying due to his injuries.

Just like the Six Million Dollar man, they decided to re-build him using parts from a Bramble and re-cruited him to fight against the Robots!

The original TIE-Fighter by Medicom.

The original Bramblebot by 3A Toys.

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toybot studios said...

thanks Selph! ESP Rules. I visit everyday...!

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