Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ronzo Pity Of London Sculpture

London based artist, Ronzo is pleased to announce the release of his latest sculpture work: 'Pity of London'.
This limited edition series of street sculptures celebrates the recent announcement of the long awaited end to the UK recession. Like the Griffins of old, these sculptures have been cemented into the streets of London's financial district as markers, this time not as a geographical boundary, but a social one representing the end of the worst recession in a generation.

Each sculpture consists of a little silver Credit Crunch Monster sitting on a 1,2 meter high plinth. These Monsters have feasted on the fabric of our society leaving lasting teeth marks in our once shiny Pound and filling their pot-bellies until they need a bit of a lie down.
'Pity of London' serves as a reminder that the monsters are still wide-eyed, able to blend into everyday life and still hungry enough to crunch any available credit.

Let's just hope the terrifying Credit Crunch menace now finally rest forever; And shall never be awaken ever again...

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