Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Million Dollar Comic

A copy of the first comic to feature Superman has been sold on the internet for a record breaking US$1 million (£646,000).
The 1938 edition of Action Comics No 1 - which originally sold for 10 cents - was snapped up within minutes of the issue being put on sale. The sale smashes the previous record price for a comic book of US$317,200 (£205,000) in 2009, which was also a copy of Action Comics #1. It was in poorer condition however, with a quality grade of 6 - Fine.
The copy sold yesterday has a grade of 8.0 - Very Fine, of which there are only two in the world.



MissScarlett said...

At the news of this, I wonder how many (now) grown men are lamenting their mothers tossing out their comic books as a kid?

flag said...

Who bought it?

VZT said...

Buyer and seller have remained anonymous.

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