Sunday, February 21, 2010

Teddy Roosevelt Custom Robot

Jin Saotome is a toy custom-head and his latest incarnation really caught my attention. A former US president that can transform into a mech armored-suit warrior?

This is his eBay description: "This week I present to you the next figure in my "WWII Alternate History series, Teddy Roosevelt in battle armor! Teddy has been painted to match your existing custom GI Joes and features plenty of deep shading, rich colors, armored metallic effects, and awesome detail. You can remove the regular upper torso and install the Mecha torso allowing Teddy to power through any enemy in his path. Check out the weathered detailing and mechanical hands! So, need a really unique gift for a GI Joe collector you know? Need to put a hurting on some undead Nazi forces? Then don't pass up this auction!"

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