Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Chance for Plaid & Luke Vibert Competition

ESPVisuals have teamed up with Soundcrash once again, for a competition to give away 2 FREE TICKETS to go see PLAID, LUKE VIBERT, KING CANNIBAL & the DMX CREW on the 6th March @ Koko's. All you have to do is email us with an answer to the simple question;"What is the date is this event happening?" Please mail your answer to selphespcrew [at] g mail . com The deadline is March 1st so have a long hard think about the achingly obvious answer!....

"exclusive scintilli preview & 'classics' av set"

plus LUKE VIBERT (laptop set) + DMX KREW live LP launch + KING CANNIBAL (ninja tune) + P45 + Ash-Eq

9 - 3 Sat 6th March 2010 @ KOKO

One of the very first signings to the venerable Warp stable, and still one of the most prolific artists on that home of oh-so-many hard-working creatives, Plaid have always pushed the boundaries both musically and visually having recognized the potential of the two mediums and the advances in technology that has afforded them to take this realisation to it's conceivable limits.

DMX Krew, aka EDMX, aka Ed Upton creates electronic music in just about every form conceivable. With five full albums released on Aphex's Rephlex label, and countless EPs and singles on his own Breakin' Records, his sound varies from electro-pop/breakdance music right through to fully experimental soundscapes, and such credentials stand him in good stead for a night of such high-class electronic tuneage!

One of the very few artists to have been released on both Warp and Ninja, Luke Vibert is a true mainstay of the electronic music field. Countless releases, timeless tunes and multiple remixes have secured this man's place in the collective consciousness of two generations of music lovers, and his DJ sets have a unique quality to them representative of his own personality, a feat not often achieved by merely playing other people's records.

Previously known as Zilla, King Cannibal's name has become synonymous with spine-shattering sub-frequencies in the last year, with his 'Let The Night Roar' LP on Ninja Tune having gained critical acclaim across the board from dubstep and electronica critics alike. He was dubbed by DJ Mag as 'The modern master of satanic sub frequencies'

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