Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Harmony Korine Fanzine Re-Release

From the script writer of the cult classic 'Kids' and 'Gummo', comes a re-released version of the fanzines he and Mark Gonzales put together some years ago. Having been a fan of Korine since the release of Kids, I'm glad to see he's still producing (even if it is re-released old work). It is avaliable to pre-order through Drag City.

When I first saw Kids back in the 90's, it was like watching art imitating life (minus the gang violence and sex, I was never a massive hit with the ladies), I was blown away with what I saw. It was the raddest thing ever because there was nothing else like it at the time. The closest you could get to this kind of youth culture in Britain was to either live at southbank in London with the locals or read imported skate zines from the states. Nowerdays you've got it on tap via the internet/magazines/shops, there is no 'sub' to the culture any more and everyone has an understanding of it. However, due to the authenticity of Korine's script writing and creative approach, you can watch that film some 10 years on and still feel genuinely imersed by it's authenticity.

Although Korine's work is now widely avaliable and is well documented through trendy magazines and hipster companies, his films have not diluted in form or content as a result. They have retained a consistency and progression. His second and third features 'Gummo' and 'Julien Donkey Boy' show just this and have been praised by Gus Van-Saint and Werner Herzog.

Although I thought much less of his latest feature 'Mister Lonely', there is a definate progression and development from the previous that suggests that Korine has not lingered on the success of his previous work.

To judge for yourself, rent the films, or to get some more info on Korine you can visit some fan sites here and here.


SlideRiceFC said...

Wow. It was almost depressing watching the kids trailer knowing Justin Pierce and Harold Hunter are both gone from this world. It does bring back memories though.

Thomas Halle said...

Yeah, Kids was great. Although I think Clark has a lot to do with it too for going more documentary style with it, but the dialogues are as raw as raw can be.

Most of my friends look at me weird every now and then when they're reminded I own Gummo and still enjoy it.

I'm no fan of the hipster thing though, and for Korine, it's just like my feelings about Terry Richardson... they had something refreshingly new and fucked up to show the world, but 'overexposure' is not strong enough a word.

Eyefeelsick said...

I think the difference between Terry Richardson and Korine is that Korine is a. not a pedo and b. a lot more insightful. Yes they both have desturbed views of the world, but I think that Korine is a lot more genuine than his counterparts. I get the impression that he plays up his eccentric side to the more hipster interest, but I have seen and read a few interviews that are very insightful and intellegent.

As for 'overexposed', I think that he could have sold out far more than he has. Just look at what Larry Clark made after Kids.

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