Saturday, July 04, 2009


I'm not really one to mix art and graff because I think that the results are either god-awful or just a complete mess (just take a look at my efforts for a perfect example...yes I am massively hypocritical). But then I saw Hemo's walls and was delt a slap in the face. My issues with the crossing of these two sports follows aptly to what I was once told by my friend Tizer in that:

"They are like football and rugby. They are both played on the same pitch, but adhere to entirely different rules"

Hemo ruined this neat analogy for me by painting as convincingly illegaly on trains as he does legally in galleries. I have beef with people like this because they have such individuality and finesse. I know there will be those of you outh there that will mention the ubiquitous names such as Banksy and a score of others, but there is something unique about this writer that not only demands that he himself exicutes all of his own work, but also abides to the rules of graff not exploit them.

Ayway enough ranting from me, go check his flickr out here.

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