Friday, July 24, 2009

The Movie Show : Watch it!

I recently had the pleasure of branding James Mullinger's new monthly film review series The Movie Show, where silver-screen trivia, exclusive interviews and previews are mixed with James' unique take on this years biggest releases! It's a must-see for any film enthusiast, and with each episode no longer than 10 minutes it's the perfect way to catch up on recent releases and is sure to get you chuckling!

Hailing from the Stand-Up Comedy scene in the UK, James is one of Britain's funniest, with awards and accolades a plenty! And as if touring the UK, Sydney and Toronto with his Stand-Up wasn't enough, James also writes for many well-known magazines and newspapers ( GQ, The Guardian, Men's Health, The Erotic Review, Bizarre as well as North American titles such as UMM and Toro), so it's likely that even if you haven't seen him yet, you may well have already read one of his articles.

Check out the first 3 episodes of The Movie Show right HERE

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