Monday, July 13, 2009

Maschinen Krieger X Toys McCoy 12inch

Maschinen Krieger fans, a faithful 1/6th scale version of the S.A.F.S. robot has been created by Kow Yokoyama, Hiroshi Okamoto (Toys McCoy) and sculptor Hiromoto Mihara. The scanned pages come from HobbyLink Japan and are translated below:

"Maschinen Krieger" creator Kow Yokoyama has collaborated with Toys McCoy director Hiroshi Okamoto and Billiken Shokai's master sculptor Hiromoto Mihara to create the ultimate replica of the S.A.F.S., or Super Armored Fighting Suit, in impressive 1/6 scale! Slated for a Summer 2009 release, this massive 40cm-tall fully articulated S.A.F.S. will be a multi-media extravaganza, featuring ABS, PVC, and metal parts.

Not only that, the set includes a fully articulated 1/6-scale female pilot figure created by Billiken Shokai's Hayao Hama. Of course, the pilot figure can realistically "wear" the fighting suit! All in all, this is undoubtedly the ultimate Ma.K. action figure!

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Info found on Toysrevil.

UPDATE: Lincoln Wright from contacted me to say that he visited the production team in Tokyo and got to see the prototype! You can read his report on the site above.
Also, I didn't realise at first but there are five sets of LED lights that work too! Serious droool! According to the translation here is a list of functions for the fully articulated beauty:

The fully articulated pilot figure can "wear" the S.A.F.S.!
A fuel tank panel hatch, located on the rear.
Front panel is for access to the emergency ejection system, plus the external power jack and food and water input access for the pilot.
The 47mm Prg.56 Laser Cannon acts as a switch, lighting up the model when turned.
The red indicator light within the left front emergency inspection panel lights up.
The right manipulator hand is fully articulated.
The Main Optical Seeker is movable.
The space between the upper section's inner cushion is lighted in blue, and the cockpit interior is finely recreated. The right front armored section's information lamp lights up.
The interior of the main hatch is well detailed, with the top pad and all vital sign sensors recreated.
A special decal on the upper rear section shows the collaboration between Toys McCoy and Maschinen Krieger.
The pilot's forward information panel is lit in green.


Eyefeelsick said...

I think this is definately the best toy I've ever seen. I will buy it.

bighatdino said...

It's a shame that it's so damn expensive :(

Lin.K said...

heya ESPVisuals, great post. I also could "play" with one and have a report and more pics here, it was great to speak with the creators.



Selph said...

Eyefeelsick: Sorry, but I opted to leave out the price tag so it wouldnt dash too many reader's dreams... It's actually due for release end of summer, limited to 700 units and is retailing at approx. £600!!!
Lin.K: Your report was excellent and I shall add it to my post. You and Roboterkampf are brilliant! Keep up the amazing work!

Eyefeelsick said...

I won't buy it.

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