Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ZEVS Arrested Before Show In Hong Kong

ZEVS was working on the final touches to his show in Hong Kong from July 1st until July 16th when he was arrested doing some drippy Chanel work in the centre of Hong Kong, aptly named Central.

According to the local paper, South China Morning Post:

"French graffiti artist Zevs – known for "liquidating" famous logos by pouring paint over them – was arrested early yesterday after a Chanel logo on the façade of a Central building received the same treatment.
He was one of three people arrested in connection with the incident at Chater House about 3.30 am. Police did not name the three, saying only that they were a 32-year-old Western visitor and two Hong Kong residents aged 27 and 26.

Dominique Perregaux, owner of Arts Statements Gallery, who invited Zevs, confirmed he had been arrested.

A police spokeswoman said a man called the emergency hotline shortly before 3.30am after he saw a man get out of a light goods vehicle parked near the building and paint graffiti on the wall. "Police went to the scene after receiving the call. Officers found the vehicle and arrested three men inside for alleged vandalism," the spokeswoman said.

Speaking from Singapore, Mr Perregaux said his assistants called him about 4am. "They were with Zevs. I have not been able to reach them since. I am trying to get hold of them."

Mr Perregaux said he did not understand why police had arrested the artist. "I do not think it is a big deal. After all, he has performed such art forms in many places before, in Berlin, in New York and Paris," he said, adding that Zevs had used water paint, which could easily be removed."

"Together with local craftsmen he will be experimenting with some paintings of LV and Chanel dripping logos on lacquer, the traditional Chinese way. He will also create in the city some ceramic and produce some paintings on metal (the colorful LV dripping).
These works will be presented during the exhibition opening together with
some serigraphy of other Liquidated Logos." This will all be happening if he's been let outta jail!

July 16th – September 30th, 2009
Art Statements Gallery,
5 Mee Lun Street,
Hong Kong

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