Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1st Handstyle Friday Winner

And the winner for Invasian Magazine's "Handstyle Friday" comp was SHAKE from Indonesia.
The phrase that had to be written was "Build From Scratch"

We will have Akim Zebster (co-fouder of On The Run) to be our July battle judge.
Winner will be decided by our guest judge and annouce on the first friday of Augest.
Deadline for the current battle: 1st of Augest
The handstyle phrase for this time is: “Base on letters. Change of styles”.
Winner will receive an issue of the latest Invasian as well as a surprising gift pack
(a random combination of markers, magazines, shirts, books, caps, inks, streaks, etc)
that worth over $50! We’ll ship the prize to the winner for FREE.
The handstyle work can be done by paints, marker or whatever you can find
but NOT by computer!
You can either scan it or snap it with your camera and send it to:
Make sure you include your name/tag in the email.
You’re welcome to participate no matter where you’re from.

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