Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Umbrella Design

Now this is one for the Christmas wishlist...keep both dry and 'safe' with this knuckle duster/umbrella combo designed by Tobiah Adam.


Paludariums Are Cool

I have finally found a hobby that can incorporate my love for fishtanks and my mrs.' love for gardening...Paludariums! A paludarium is a type of vivarium that incorporates both terrestrial and aquatic elements. Paludaria usually consist of an enclosed container in which organisms specific to the biome being simulated are kept. Half-land, half-water; perfect!!

RIP Leslie Nielsen

Nielsen, who has died from pneumonia at the age of 84, was a serious actor until he struck comedy gold at 54 as the hapless doctor in "Airplane!"
"Surely you can't be serious," an airline passenger says to Nielsen's character in the 1980 hit disaster movie send-up.
"I am serious - and don't call me Shirley," came the deadpan reply.....you will be missed Leslie.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Melbourne Art Shows This Week

Just one I've found so far this week, and it's a good one!


The traveling typographic exhibition is making it's next stop at the No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne featuring a great lineup of artists and designers: Mike Giant, Parra, Travis Millard, Hedof, Ozzie Wright, Sofles, Bones, Siggi Eggertsson, Well Dressed Vandals, Lachie Goldsworthy, and John Siddle.

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Wednesday 1 December 2010, 6pm
No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane (entrance off Russell Street)
VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9663 3798

The Melbourne Connection

The VZT has relocated to Melbourne and will be bringing you a taste of what's going on in this city, at least for the next few months. There is masses of graff up around here, so I'm gonna try to put up a selection of graff that I've found every week, as well as listing what shows/exhibitions are happening in the city.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Carnovsky RGB Wallpaper

These animal designs were created by Carnovsky for the Milan shop of Janelli & Volpi, a noted Italian wallpaper brand. Each features overlapping illustrations, different elements of which are revealed depending on whether a blue, green or red light is shone upon them.....nice idea.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Haroshi X Nike Dunk

japanese artist, Haroshi is well known for creating intricate sculptures made from layers and layers of old skateboards...this new work in collaboration with Nike is just insane!


New Blu in Rennes

See more of BLU'S work HERE...


"...I was as talented as the people I know, I'd be riding high - not looking up from below."

The winter has set in here in London and it is really hard to leave the house to do anything productive. Plus I'm broke and it's that month where I add another year onto my life and reflecting on what has been going on since the last time I did it. This time around (since I've not really done much to speak of at all) I have noticed that many of the people I know in the big smoke have really done some great things in the last 12 months. For this reason I am dedicating this post to the achievements of my compadres that are moving past the realms of 'alright' and into the realms of 'really quite fucking amazing'. Some of them you will recognise, some I feel deserve the recognition (so go to their links!!!)

Well done chums, may your success continue long into the future!

Early morning skate in Brixton from Martyn Thomas on Vimeo.

Adam Johns & Martin Thomas

Earth Pain


Juxtapoz interview

Fybe One Illustration

Fybe One Audio

Tizer One ID

Malcom McLaren's coffin R.I.P.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Legz Lauren Blog Update

With 535 pages & counting, buddy blogger, Legz Lauren's site is the perfect distraction from work...

Black Friday Toy Day

In honour of the vinyl toy world's Black Friday, I thought I'd show you some of the best toy customs off the Spankystokes site...(for those who dont know what Black friday is, today is an internet mega-sale day! Some sites have up to 80% certain toy lines! Check the bottom of the post for site links!

Josh F+ Pearce's "Exalted Potionist" custom Munny

Kevin Gosselin's "Stone Golem" custom Munny

Josh F+ Pearce Custom Dunny

Josh F+ Pearce's “The Grand Luminarian of the Candelabra” custom Munny

Uberz custom Munny

Black Friday Sites:

This Is Vinyl
Toy Qube
My Plastic Heart
Qee World

D.O.C.S. New Site

Crooked Shit have a new site up & running and their varies typography work continues to impress....

Thanks to HYB for the info...
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