Friday, April 30, 2010

Conzpiracy _ A Dose Of Digital Horror

more here.

Speed Painting

On My Way To Work London Graffiti 7

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Edgar Mueller

Justin Schaefer

"My Paintings convey a space where symbols have lost all connection to their origins. The human figure is constantly distorted, mutilated, and degraded, illustrating the existential despair that is wrought of the inability to attain integrity amidst uncertainty. As the figures attempt to converge with their external environment, a contradiction is unveiled and their inherent vulnerability is exposed. It is this vulnerable space I seek to capture, wrought with cryptic symbols, where one is compelled to consummately confront the transitory nature of existence."

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GodMachine Dark Mystical Metal Art

‘Godmachine Lives in South Wales, Uk with his wife, two cats and his beard. Inspired in his youth by skatebording and comics and being self taught, Godmachine has managed to carve a space for himself and make a huge impact on the merch world...and soon everywhere else..’ he has worked with so many great bands and festivals on their artwork and has really carved a decent living out of dark art. I love what he's doing and am definitely planning on getting on of his prints!

See ALOT more of his psycho-cool artwork HERE.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LTR HDS Sydney Show

We posted about this show a while back, but for anyone who missed it, the Sydney exhibition of the Letterheads show is on still on right now and runs until May 17th.

Red Bull Gallery
Huntly St and Burke Rd
Alexandria, NSW

David Choe Nothing To Declare Show

This is definitely one show not to miss if you are in LA. David Choe has returned to his hometown after a six year absence with 'Nothing to Declare' (23 April-23 May). Driven by an unquenchable thirst for life, Choe saps every possible drop of experience - good or bad - out of his remarkable adventures. From incarceration in a Tokyo jail to hitchhiking down the Mississippi River via paddleboat, freight train hopping city to city and hunting for dinosaurs in the Congo jungle, David weaves these encounters into his work projecting a dramatic and fantastical, often sexually explicit, vision of the world he so lustfully inhabits.

Art Events Thursday 29th April Onwards

Zero Per Zero: Station
30 April — 19 June
For South Korean design studio Zero Per Zero’s first exhibition in the UK, Kemistry Gallery presents new versions of their well-known City Railway System series, including LED display panels, hand-drawn maps, paintings, and acrylic pieces.
Kemistry Gallery
43 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch
London EC2A 3PD

30 APRIL - 29 MAY, 2010

22 Eastcastle street
London, W1W 8DE, UK

Tuesday - Saturday from 10 - 06 p.m.
Sunday, Monday closed

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fritz Kahn Steampunk Wizard

Influenced by Dada, neue Sachlichkeit, surrealism, futurism, Bauhaus, constructivism, Art Deco, neo-classicism, comic strips, photomontage, and advertising graphics, Fitz Kahn, and the artists working under his direction, visually explained how the human body works, based on the findings of modern biological science. (His images were all created in the 1920's!!)

At the same time, the images refer back to the chaos, violence, impasses, pleasures, dreams, and technological and sociocultural ambitions of early and mid-20th-century Germany.

Kahn deployed a visual vocabulary of modernism to figure industrial modernity within the body and the body within industrial modernity. The result was a corpus of images and tropes which imagined a new body for the modern age.

This video animation was created by Henning M. Lederer in 2009 (using the art of Kahn)it depicts the human body as a huge factory.

Zander Bloom The Travels Of Bad

“‘The Travels of Bad‘ documents the travels of an idealist Machiavellian hero, guitar in hand, on a crusade to revitalise the arts of the culture capital of the world. Fuelled by equal measures of blind optimism and hedonism, the search for new ideas and exotic flavours takes our hero to a fictional paradise setting where this bizarre satirical action tragedy literally starts to unravel.

The Travels of Bad comprises a 48-page mini-novella with 17 photographic works and a 17-track album soundtrack. The exhibition includes a selection of sculptures and merchandise.

The works will also feature prominently at the JoBurg Art Fair from 3-5 April 2009 at the Rooke Gallery stand and the exhibition will travel to WhatIfTheWorld/Gallery in Cape Town to open on 27 May 2009 and close on 27 June 2009.”

A great installation series!

Aqua Team Hunger Force Cut You Up

If Mastodon were bits of food, then they'd look like this.....
Spied on the Burning Candy blog!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alex Pardee New Print

Love this new print by the ever-dark, Alex Pardee..

"Exiting The Triclops"
$65USD incl. shipping within USA. $85USD for worldwide..
Get it HERE

On My Way To Work London Graffiti 6

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Carrie Ann Baade

"As an artist and subject in my work, I consider myself to be steward and ax man to the legacy of art history. Created out of ‘the anxiety of influence’ and its effects on one’s artistic identity, these portraits develop from incongruous sources forced into an uncomfortable whole. Nearly every subject in my paintings receives an additional set of eyes. The superimposed eyes are like a mask, thus providing the opportunity to role-play, hide or act out."

More here.
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