Thursday, November 29, 2012

IZER Dielooted Update

IZER from Dielooted rocks.....

Coffee Art


Blue City Photographs

Steve McCurry's ace photos of the blue city in the Indian province of Jodhpur...


Pixel Pancho in Brooklyn


Art Shows London 29th November Onwards

Date: 29th Nov - 21st Dec 12
Don’t expect jingling bells, carol singers or a Santa’s Grotto this year at Signal for Christmas. After a year of jubilees and twinkling medals, we really felt the need to redress the balance with something not festive at all. So we asked our resident Punk legend Gaye Black (aka Gaye Advert), who’s always in favour of a good dollop of the dark side, to curate this one with malice.
Signal Gallery, 32 Paul Street, London EC2A 4LB
Opening Times: Tues-Sat 12-6 pm, and by appointment at other times.

84 projects from Yokoland
(29th November - 19th January)
Design studio Yokoland work across various fields of graphic design, typography and illustration. Founded by Aslak Gurholt Rønsen and Espen
Friberg sometime between 2001 and 2006, and now including Thomas Nordby, Martin Lundell and assistant Jørn Aagaard, Yokoland have gone on to become one of the most inventive and exciting studios working today.

Lucas Dillon: Opens Nov 29th – Dec 1st
Goldsteins at Goodhood
20 Coronet Street
N1 6HD

Friday, November 23, 2012

Oker Goes to Jail

Last monday , London graff bomber OKER GSD was convicted for Graffiti offences and is currently serving a 2 year sentence... Pure Evil gallery is trying to help out by raising some money for his family, and they have 2 new OKER prints available...Check them out HERE.

Interesting story below from DRAX WD about the case...

'Look how far we done fell'.
Party Party!
Me & my friend, Oker decorated/wrecked/whatever this gaff with KR (Krink) for some trendy party in Shoreditch.. But that aint the point of this post. The truth is 'The party's over'.. I've just come from court & Oker has been sentenced to 24months (2 years) in prison.. Ceres, Bice & G-Money also received similar or slightly lesser sentences. A 5th person got a suspended sentence & fine (For a much smaller amount of damage)
You'll no doubt read in the papers tomorrow that.. 'Prosecutors described this 'graffiti conspiracy' as possibly the biggest they've ever dealt with' (well they would wouldn't they) . .In truth the lies & bullshit they threw at the judge during sentencing were quite disgraceful. He claimed not to have been influenced by some of it but clearly was. Let's be honest, a legal system that allows such nonsense is not one to be applauded.. After sentencing, the crown prosecution encouraged the judge to personally commend the senior investigating Police officer in the case (I wont name him because this isn't a 'personal' attack) But! It should be noted that the judge was 'prompted' to deliver this commendation & didn't decide to do so 'of his own accord'. Quite how the prosecuting police officer can also be the so called 'expert witness' in the same trial defies all logic. One would persume 'impartiality' would be a prerequisite to being 'an expert' in a trial/court case. You'd expect countries with 'kangaroo' court systems like North Korea to have such loopholes in their laws, but a country that prides itself on having a legal system that they claim is 'revered around the world' should take a good look at itself. Or to quote one of the geezers from The Wire... 'Look how far we done fell'.
Anyway! Once again the British legal system has proved itself to be a bastion of tokenism & vindictiveness when it comes to sub-cultural crimes or things it chooses not to understand. Sex offenders, the supporters of mass terrorism & rapists are treated more leniently in this country than graffti writers or (for example) football hooligans, video game pirates or ticket touts....
It's sad that these fellas will miss Christmas with their families & a large chunk of next year but it's even more sad the joke of a country we're living in. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Sickboy Carafanzine

Check out the latest instalment in the Carafanzine series

– this unique hand-finished publication sits somewhere between an original artwork and a print.

 “I selfishly peppered the pages with this year’s trailer park graveyard acquisitions, passing thoughts, trophies and inspirations to the caravan nation. One of the best finds is caught on film and made its way to the pages of a temple flick book.”

Carafanzine III is Sickboy’s highest quality self-publication to date of photographs taken on his caravan travels. Produced on 100% recycled paper stock and in a limited edition of 75, the 52-page fanzines are individually hand-finished with ink colourings and spray paint.

Each collectible comes with an 80-page signed and numbered Temple Caravan Flick Book, which animates images of Sickboy throwing up his classic temple logo on a favourite caravan.


F1 Car Suspended by Paul Veroude

'Using a Mercedes GP Petronas F1, driven by renowned race car driver Michael Schumacher, the artist
deconstructed the 2010 model and suspended each piece.'


Modern Panic Art Show


Curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo 

 A unique and powerful collection of over 60 surreal, controversial & provocative international artists including my dear friend VESNA PARCHET. 

Featuring (in alphabetical order): Karina Akopyan | Karolina Albricht | Franko B Miranda Benzies | Elizabeth Buckfield | Emma Buggy Charles Bronson | Santiago Caruso | Jazz Szu-Ying Chen Sarah Delaney | Charlie Tuesday Gates | Dan Gomer Dan Hillier | Andrew Hladky | Anna Humphries Chiho Iwase | Sally Jones | Achilles Kapsalis Nick Kushner | Laura Bodo Lajber | Valentina Lari Craig LaRotonda | Cedric Laquieze | Natasha Lawes Peter Millard | Iain Macarthur | Vort Man Julie Newton | Berth Neutze | Bonnie Makes Pictures | Carrie Reichardt | Louise Riley Sandra Robinson | Sara Le Roy | Masumi Saito Lucy Sparrow | Arcane Sin | Sarah Sitkin Kyle Thompson | Greta Wallner Roger Williams | Martha Zmpounou

11am - 7pm 
APIARY STUDIOS | 458 Hackney Road, London E2 9EG  

£3 Admission

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sainer ETAM Cru

Sainer = Wow!

Hydro74 Cheap Fonts

Amazing custom fonts by Hydro74....

Limited Time Offer Time to offer up a little sale on all my Mother Effin' fonts.

So here is the deal. Every font in my roster is only $3 bucks. No limit, no rules, no nothing. This is a sweet damn offer if you ask me. Why, because I love my fans, friends & design family. 

What to do.
Step 1. Make a damn list. I'm not a web guy so creating a sexy shopping cart isn't my thing.
Step 2. Send me that list to with your Paypal address.
Step 3. I'll send you a invoice, you pay and I email over your fonts. Step 4. Type some shit up and make cash money

Extreme iPad Dock

This Faberge-inspired iPad dock makes me want to be sick in my mouth, swallow it and be sick again.....


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Misery Not Yours

Kidult strikes again in France....

Rothko No.1 Sells for $75 Million

A 1951 drip painting by Jackson Pollock sold for $40.4 million at Sotheby’s (BID) in New York tonight, setting an auction record for the Abstract Expressionist artist (1912-1956).

It was soon topped by Mark Rothko’s “No. 1 (Royal Red and Blue),” which sold for $75.1 million, against the presale estimate of $35 million to $50 million. Rothko’s auction record of $86.9 million was set at Christie’s in May....WTF!!


Fou Lard Scarves

Fou Lard is a brainchild of Swiss designer Natalie Luder. The scarf is made of 100% silk, digitally printed and hemmed by the artist herself.


3D Printed Figurines

Innovative photo booth that prints miniature 3D figurines instead of regular photos will soon be opened for business in Tokyo, Japan.

Customers will have to stand still for 15 minutes. Their entire body will be scanned and then realistic figurine will be printed. Doors open at OMOTE 3D tomorrow!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Japanese Type Graffiti

Love it.


Legz Lauren Update

Keeping the blog on point, Legz Lauren still puts out a great collection of images on her Tumblr...

The Geometry of Type

Students and professionals in any creative field can benefit from a good typographic eye. The Anatomy of Type (published as The Geometry of Type in the UK) is all about looking more closely at letters. Through visual diagrams and practical descriptions, you’ll learn how to distinguish between related typefaces and see how the attributes of letterforms (such as contrast, detail, and proportion) affect the mood, readability, and use of each typeface. Nutritional value aside, the spreads full of big type are nice eye candy, too.

 The 100 typefaces featured in the book are hand-picked by the author for their functionality and stylistic relevance in today’s design landscape. Along with several familiar faces (Garamond, Bodoni, Gill Sans, Helvetica), you’ll also discover contemporary fonts that are less common — and often more useful — than the overused classics.

Andreas Rocha Concept Art

Andreas Rocha concept art landscapes....

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