Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I love youtube

Some of the reasons why I love the internet:

Ben Allen Crunchburger Print

This week Red Propeller have the above print, 'LADY LUCK' for you by Ben Allen on sale now - it's 30cm x 37cm and on sale for a limited time only - edition size will be determined by number sold in that time and costs £25.00 (+vat).
To buy this weeks Crunchburger Print go to

Art Events Thursday 1st April Onwards

I Love Zeus' Diana Camera Custom!
The Diana World Tour includes: The Detriech Collection – a collection of 100 original Diana Clone Cameras, The Diana Urban Vignettes Exhibition – the coolest collection of Diana images that you are ever likely to witness and The Customised Clones Exhibition a collection of around 25 Diana+ cameras; customised by some of the most interesting artists, illustrators, creative types and good-time Lomography friends that the UK has to offer. Each clone is a complete one-off and will be exhibited in store for the whole month of April.

You are invited to the opening party at the Lomography Gallery Store London on Friday April the 2nd at 6pm
remember is to RSVP! with the subject DWT PARTY

A.K.A. A solo show with Alex Young.

Exhibition on show: April 5th to May 10th, 2010 at London Miles Gallery, Westbourne Studios. 242 Acklam Road. Studio 303. W10 5JJ. London. UK

Opening Reception: Thursday April 1st, 2010 from 6pm to 10pm

Reception Location: 47 Mowlem Street, East London. (off Vyner Street)

Please note: Opening reception of A.K.A is at an LMG off site location in East London. Exhibition will move on April 5th to London Miles Gallery, Westbourne Studios and be on display for the complete 4 weeks.
London Miles Gallery is proud to present A.K.A, a solo exhibition featuring portraits of alter ego’s by Alex Young.

A rising star of the UK Outsider Art movement, Alex Young is currently preparing for his forthcoming solo show, A.K.A with London Miles Gallery on Thursday, April 1. Succeeding his hugely successful debut show ‘Exhibitionism’ at the Grenade Gallery in 2008, Young’s new body of work looks to set to expand his artistic and conceptual horizons to even loftier new heights.

In his upcoming solo exhibition, A.K.A, Young has created an exhibition of portraits of pseudonymous characters he has interviewed and studied for each painting. The paintings are monolithic in comparison to the illustrational element sand colours that adorn their faces to represent their alternative name and persona.

Opening Reception: Thursday. April 1st 2010. 6PM - Alex Young will be in attendance.

Location: 47 Mowlem Street. (Off Vyner Street) East London. E29 DR.

Exhibition on display from April 6th to May 15th at Westbourne Studios!

Exclusive sneaker retailer SoleHeaven have teamed up with ZeroCool Gallery to create one of the most exciting exhibitions you will see this year.

Kicks ‘n’ Canvas will explore all elements of hip hop culture Art, Fashion, Music and Dance. The centre price of the show will be 21 pairs of customised sneakers which have been attacked by artists from very different backgrounds – Contemporary Artists and Sculptors will sit next to Street Artists and Writers to create some of the most unique sneakers you will ever see. As well as the customised sneakers each artist will produce a 50cm x 50cm original piece to sit alongside and compliment the sneakers.

The following artists will be taking part in the event Goldie (UK) / Anthony Lister (AUS) / Insa (UK) / Dan Baldwin (UK) / Inkie (UK) / Jon Burgerman (UK) / ATG (UK) / Copyright (UK) / Mr Jago (UK) / Ben Frost (AUS) / Monorex (UK) / Meggs (AUS) / Toaster (UK) / Zoot (UK) / Dickchicken (USA) / Gemma Compton (UK) / Trans1 (UK) / Benedict Radcliffe (UK) / NES (UK) / Numskull (AUS) / Jon Lawrence (UK)

There is a dedicated website for the show with more information on the event, artists and details on how to RSVP which you can find at

Ian Francis – Exodus
25 March – 6 May
Lazarides is pleased to announce the first European solo exhibition of new work by
Bristol based painter, Ian Francis. Using a combination of oil, acrylic and ink in his largescale
paintings, Francis brings his illusory vision to the Rathbone gallery.

Born in 1979, Ian Francis lives and works in Bristol. He studied BA Fine Art and
Illustration graduating in 2001 from the University of the West of England.
Inspired by the Internet, which he started using in 2001, it wasn’t until the attacks
on the World Trade Centre and Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that he obsessively
began to follow news coverage. His work incorporates a wide range of material
from the Internet, the News, TV and Films and is inspired by illustration hero Dave
McKeen along with contemporary writers such as Tom McCarthy.
This is Francis’s first solo exhibition in London and the UK, he has exhibited
widely throughout the US since 2007.

'Hasadhu, In The Night Before A Storm'
02.04.10 - 18.04.10
A skull, a flower, a macabre character drawn in a delicate line with black ink on white paper in a perfectionist style with complete commitment to detail. Whether its content is negative or positive, dark or light, what you will feel consistently with Usugrow’s work is the dignified beauty.

This exhibition will be Usugrow’s premier solo show in London. The new collection of work takes the viewer inside the mind of Hasadhu. Hasadhu is the fictional character created by Usugrow to reflect his own thoughts, almost an alter ego the artist becomes whilst drawing. When Usugrow produces his artwork, Hasadhu always travels inside his mind and this spiritual journey conducts the process of the work. Usugrow describes the art work itself as a big storm which will engulf everybody around him and the process of making artwork as the calm night before the storm. Those nights are a quiet and personal moment that he enjoys with happiness, clarity and peace. Through this work the artist wants to share that feeling with the audience, seen through the eyes of Hasadhu.

Signed copies of Usugrows book, Love Hate From JP, with FIFTY24SF Gallery, will also be available.
Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL

Exiles - Tom de Freston
6th to 12th April
Private View- 6th of April 7pm
Launch of Ekphrasis- collection of poems in response to Tom de Freston's poems. 7th of April 7pm
Artist's Website:

The exhibition Exiles will show recent works by the artist Tom de Freston, concentrating on his treatment of displacement and exile. The exhibition will be on show from the 6 to 12 April 2010.

Tom de Freston is an exciting emerging artist who has already been the subject of significant critical and press acclaim, most recently in the wake of the exhibition Reflections at the Christ’s Visual Arts Centre, Cambridge.
Brick Lane Gallery, 196 BRICK LANE, E1 6SA

6 - 17 April 2010
Monday - Saturday 12 - 6pm, Thursdays 'til 8pm

For two weeks in April, Elms Lesters will be hosting DRINKING THE KOOL-AID by Ed Templeton, a non-selling exhibition presented by Emerica and Slam City Skates.

Ed Templeton (1972, Orange County, USA) is hard to define.
At once professional skateboarder, owner of skateboard company ToyMachine, photographer, illustrator and painter, Ed’s work merges these activities on a level and democratic field of subculture art. With origins in the skateboard and punk scenes, his work reflects the DIY aesthetic and endeavor of these cultures, which is furthered by having no formal training as an artist.

You are invited to an exclusive book signing on Saturday 10th April between 12 - 2pm where Ed Templeton will be signing copies of three books:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patrick Boivin

Stumbled across some excellent stop frame animation by Patrick Boivin here.

Cat Johnston Show

One of the highlight shows of this year so far has to be Cat Johnston's debut solo show at the Concrete Hermit, East London. I loved how she took the figure/toy theme, made all the embroidery and uniforms for the various animal-figures and then created very simple but effective dioramas to go with them! It really gave the 'soldiers' alot more depth in their character, when you are able to see them fighting with psychedelic, neo-geo planes and tanks in the background, duking it out with each other....I definitely want to own/see more of Cat's diorama work. I think I'm in Love!

Originally from Somerset and now residing in London, Cat has produced commissioned work for Levi’s, Vice, Virgin Airways, The Financial Times, Fenchurch and Addict. Recent Group shows include “Silver and Black”, The Archipelago Works, Sheffield, 2010, “Urban Art”, Selfridges, London, 2009 “Bara Volante”, The Prescription Gallery, Brighton, 2009 and “Scrawl Collective” at No Borders Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, 2009. Her Concrete Hermit show will be her debut solo show.

Appetite For Seduction Print By i-Lib

Illustrator/Artist, i-Lib has a new print out entitled, "Appetite For Seduction"

Hand printed by the artist on old paper, hand finished and signed, addition of only 50

148 x 210mm (A5)

£35 + p&p

please email if interested:

Weapon Of Choice Issue 3 Out Now

Britol's W.O.C. Online magazine has just released its Third Issue. Check it out HERE for all things graff/streetart/fashion/style/creative related....


Zero Friends

I recently ordered 2 prints by Alex Pardee.
These prints are truly amazing, the colors are so strong, the digital images really cant convey Alex's amazing skill.
The prints go for very reasonable prices, each is limited and hand signed.

Printed with archival inks on acid free velvet cotton rag.

Prints, books and merch available at Zero Friends.
As well as, I am sure you know, eyesuckink.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Skinner Update

Skinner has a lurker toy debuting this weekend at wondercon in San francisco.
It was sculpted by the sculptor who did the Ninja Turtles and the brothers washburn from color ink book are putting it out.

Here is the rough/prototype

Skinner's upcoming shows

OK Mountain - May 1st

Bold Hype in new York - June 3rd

Solo show at White Walls - August

Japan - November

Be sure to check out his shows if you're in the area.

More from Skinner at

Dreamscape Paintings By Zhou Fan

Contemporary Chinese artist Zhou Fan's fantastical paintings make me jealous that my dreams don't look like this! Does it remind anybody else of Spirited Away?

A series of my paintings is based on dreams that I had as a child of many many jellyfish floating in the sky, some of which fell to the ground on parachutes and became mushrooms. These dreams had a strong impact on me, and I remember them vividly. Somehow I feel that it is easier to focus on dreams than reality. In one particular painting, there is a boy crying because he keeps things within him, is easily sad, and he refuses to face reality.

Zhou Fan is a rising star and is attracting some good attention - watch this space...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

DECODE Exhibition At V&A Museum - Last Few Days!

A must see exhibition for all those techies, graphics geeks and any big kids. Lots of interactive pieces and truly awesome graphics but hurry - it's only on until 11 April 2010!

Decode is a collaboration between the V&A and onedotzero, a contemporary arts organisation operating internationally with a remit to promote innovation across all forms of moving image and interactive arts.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

DIY Pictures Of Earth From Space

A digital camera, a GPS device, some duct tape and a balloon were all that was needed to take some breathtaking pictures of Earth.

Robert Harrison, 38, used a collection of cheap parts costing £500 to create a balloon-mounted camera that can travel up to 21.7 miles (35km) above the surface of the Earth. The result is a series of pictures taken from a height that only a rocket or weather balloon can reach.

The contraption comprises an ordinary Canon camera mounted on a weather balloon. Using free software downloaded from the internet, Mr Harrison reprogrammed the camera to wake up every five minutes and take eight photographs and a video before switching off for a rest.
A GPS tracker enabled him to follow the balloon’s progress to an accuracy of 10 metres (33ft) and to retrieve it upon its return to Earth. Both the camera and the GPS device are wrapped in loft insulation, which traps the heat given off by the devices and allows them to function in -60C (-76F) temperatures high in the Earth’s atmosphere.

At ground level the helium balloon has a diameter of one metre. As it rises, the air pressure drops and the balloon expands to a diameter of up to 20 metres. Eventually, it pops and the camera carried back down to earth by a small parachute.


'The Scream' In Cardboard

Mark Langan from Ohio, USA spent over 90 hours to create his finely detailed, 3-dimensional take on the 1910 version of Edvard Munch’s familiar painting.

He used a craft knife to cut up 30 square feet of cardboard taken from five boxes and layered them to create a three-dimensional image. Remaining scraps of corrugated cardboard were put through a heavy duty paper shredder and mixed with glue to create a pulp. Mark smeared this onto the cardboard and used his fingers to add detail to the picture, which measures 2.25 inches deep and sold for £1,600.
He creates work primarily from cardboard after a medical condition in his wrist made it difficult to hold a pen or paintbrush.


Internet shit I'm diggin'

So it's been a while since I last posted anything on ESP, but that's only because I've been radding out all day and definately not because I've been teaching numbskull kids how to design absolute ass on photoshop whilst wanting to cut open my eyeballs with a bread really, I honestly have been radding out. Anyway, during the rest times between awsoming out, I have been looking at cool shit on the net and here are a few of my finds in no real order:

1. The alien abduction lamp:

I was a little hesitant to post this as I want one and I would rather no one else in the world had one, but then I thought well 'who cares' and 'I'm not going to buy one any more anyway cuz I'm over it already'.

2. A few of the most assome tats ever:

and my personal favourite:

3. The Internet Shack from

4. Ultimately assome bands to skate to:

Radio Moscow (thanks to Jonners for this hook up)

Eyehategod (because they are the greatest band ever made and they reformed AND they are playing in London next month and I'm going)

5. Dope films that should be watched given half a chance:

Trash Humpers by Harmony Korine

Running Stumbled by John Maringouin

6. Style for miles:

Style Master Trev
Gree & co.
Das RK

Well hopefully that will keep you bedroom dwellers/slackers/stoners/agrophobes something to occupy yourselves with for a few minutes at least. If not go fucking skateboarding! If you don't skate, then I suggest you'll be the best thing you ever do.

David Bray Update

David Bray is killing it right now! His art is popping up everywhere, from Juxtapoz magazine, to Them-Thangs photo blog, to the exterior walls of the Truman Brewery!

Os Gemeos Graffiti

Os Gemeos are probably best known, world-wide for their amazing character painting but they also have deep roots in the graff game and I've recently been delving into their past more to look at their letter-styles....

Mr_Fran's Flickr Account has a really great album of hundreds of Os Gemeos images so please check it out!
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