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If you haven't seen the anime adaptation to Taiyo Matsumoto’s graphic novel Tekkonkincreet, I suggest you find it as soon as possible and do just that. Brought to the screen by Studio 4C, this version of the popular graphic novel is on of the most beautiful pieces of animation I have seen since....well just since (I'm not a super anime geek, so I'm no authority on this subject).

There is an interview with the CEO of 4C as well as some of the team that worked on the film on the PingMag site available here. Although there is no mention of another anime called Mind Game by the same team, that is also well worth a watch for it's rather leftfield style and story.

So, if like me, you are struggling to come to terms with the recession and have no money to go out and piss your measly earnings up a wall, go and search these gems out. You'll probably find them free on the web, but I strongly suggest buying them as they may well change your life forever (let's just hope they don't try and make a live action version and kill them like they seem to be doing with so many other classics).

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The Ovei

Putting you in super comfortable gaming paradise, the egg-shaped pod, designed by Lee McCormack and honed by F1 giants McLaren, is a self-contained unit home to a built-in 5.1 surround-sound system, variable lighting, climate control and luxury seating. It can hold a flatscreen telly up to 26 inches wide, and is compatible with all major computers, consoles and media servers.
Now, where do i put it?


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Have Your Say: Michael Jackson R.I.P.

ESPV pays our respects to all-time pop legend Michael Jackson, who has reportedly died in L.A. today from cardiac arrest, aged 50. US media reports someone at the singer’s household called 911 around 12pm and when paramedics arrived shortly after he was not breathing. Whilst some local media is claiming that he is in a coma in a Los Angeles hospital, the L.A. Times and several other reports are confirming he has died. Fans await a statement from his family.

Were you a fan?
Loved by millions since his early years in the Jackson Five, Michael Jackson’s fame and fortune was not without controversy. Charged a number of times for child molestation, the singer had two infamous court cases; one settled in court, one settled out of court (November 2003, USD 20million).
In recent years Jackson’s strange behavior and changing physical looks seemed to fill the headlines along with the artist’s children which, have been shrouded in secrecy by Jackson to protect them from the media.
Many fans claim that the molestation charges were fabricated and that the pop legend deserves our respect. Others however, believe the singer got-off jail time by using his wealth to buy himself out of trouble. Some simply feel that we will never know the truth but we can at lest respect him for his amazing talents and performances.

What do you think?
Are you a fan?
Do you believe Jackson should be remembered as the king of pop for all time?
Leave us your comments……..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Subway Art 25th Anniversary Black Rat Press

On Thursday 25th June Black Rat Press will be hosting a book launch to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary book Subway Art by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant. In 1984 Thames and Hudson made the brave decision to publish a book of photographs of graffiti covered trains from New York subways. The original print run was limited to only 5000 copies. Subway Art has been in print ever since and the then little known scene which Martha and Henry documented has gone on to be an international phenomenon, in part thanks to the book itself. Black Rat Press are delighted to be hosting this event and that both Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant will be in London to attend the launch. The central pull out pages of Subway Art feature a train painted by legendary New York writer Blade. We are excited to announce that Blade will also be making his way to London this Thursday to attend the opening. For anyone interested in the history of graffiti this is a great opportunity to celebrate 25 years of its documentation and to meet some of this scenes legendary figures.
At the launch the gallery will be showing works by the Burning Candy Crew all of whom site Subway Art as one of the main reasons they started painting.

83 Rivington Street

Jeepney Philippines Truck Art

"The Jeepney's roots lie in the World War ll Willys jeep surplus that provided an early postwar topless form of share-taxi transportation, soon enough acquiring a roof, stretching the back to accommodate more passengers, taking on colors and accessories. Even as the supply of Willy jeeps and alternative mother-vehicles became exhausted, it continued to spawn an industry and commerce of build-from-scratch jeepney production, providing the needs of the populace for an affordable means of transportation and all imaginable hauling needs."

"Jeepney art is a combination of the "art of the accessory" and the "art of the color" applied on a basic canvas shell of galvanized metal or buffed and glimmering stainless steel. Accessories are, for the most part, decided or handpicked, altered or added on at the owner's whim. The "art of the color" is usually applied by airbrush or sticker artists."

See Pakistani Truck Art in an earlier post HERE.
See Japanese Dekotora Truck Art HERE.

Images & Text [VIA]

Shok1 And the Carhartt Gallery

Received an email from Shok1, who has just returned from the "Public Provocations" show in Basel, Switzerland. Judging from the 200 new photos on his flickr, the show looked amazing! Artists like Seen, AlexOne, Flying Fortress, Loomit, Zeds, Swet, Krell, Reyes and many more legends. Here are just a fraction of the excellent photos on his blog....

See more on Shok's flickr HERE.

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Dale Grimshaw

I'm really feeling Dale Grimshaw's work at the moment. I definitely think I've totally been bitten by the type bug and I see a nice blend of it with his figurative work. It was also really nice meeting him in person last week at the C215 show at the Signal Gallery. (Dale actually runs the place!)

Dona Nobis Pacem
Aerosol, oil, marker & collage on canvas

Heart In Darkness1
Aerosol, oil, & oil pastel on canvas

Heart In Darkness2
Aerosol, oil, & oil pastel on canvas

To Soar Or Not To Soar
Aerosol, oil, marker & collage on canvas

What The Devil
Aerosol, oil, & marker on canvas

See more of his work HERE.

Pakistan Truck Painting and Pimping

This is what happens when you are a truck-driving single man who has nothing to spend your money on. Folk-art, calligraphy, gaudy decorations; these trucks are loaded with them.

According to Wiki, "Karachi is considered the major bedecking center for such trucks. There is also a unique décor style for nearly every city in Pakistan. The Balochistani and Peshawari trucks are heavily trimmed with wood. Rawalpindi and Islamabadi trucks have prominently featured plastic work. Camel bone ornamentation is commonly seen in trucks decorated by Sindh artists. Thus these trucks are also representative of different historical and cultural regions of Pakistan."

A Quick Video Of Pakistan's Culture Of Truck Painting

Images [VIA], [VIA] & [VIA]

See Japanese Decorated trucks post HERE.

Invasian Mag Handstyle Competition

On the first Friday of every month, Invasian Magazine will put up a Handstyle battle contest.
The winner will be decided by a guest judge and annouced on the first friday of July.
Deadline for the current battle: 1st of July

The handstyle phrase for this time is: “BUILD FROM SCRATCH”.

Winner will receive an issue of the latest Invasian as well as a surprising gift pack
(a random combination of markers, magazines, shirts, books, caps, inks, streaks, etc)
that worth over USD$50! We’ll ship the prize to the winner for FREE.

The handstyle work can be done by paints, marker or whatever you can find
but NOT by computer!
You can either scan it or snap it with your camera and send it to:
You’re welcome to participate no matter where you’re from.
No photoshop shit please…

It's a damn good magazine from Asia and I highly recommend checking it out.
See past issues HERE.

Monday, June 22, 2009

MSK 20th Anniversary Party

Photos [VIA] & [VIA]

Visual Artist Mox At The National Maritime Museum

Mox is a London based video director and composer renowned for his work with Coldcut, and The Cinematic Orchestra for the cutting edge British electronic label Ninja Tune. Mox has collaborated, additionally, with artists such as Mylo, Imogen Heap, Goldie, DJ Food,Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Daedelus and electronic labels Hospital, Metalheadz and Freerange etc.

On the 25th, 26th & 27th June, the River Thames past and present will ebb and flow through the grounds of the National Maritime Museum in this specially commissioned son et lumiere marking the 250th anniversary of the Baroque composer Handel, whose famous Water Music was first performed on a Thames barge. Once described as ‘liquid history’, the Thames has shaped the story of the capital and in this immersive fusion of sound and visuals, you will experience London’s famous river as never before, evoked through live music, spoken word, electronic music and video projections by MOX.

Check out our next issue of UK Adapta as we will have a nice lil interview with MOX.
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