Monday, October 31, 2011

Doodle Jam: Halloween Special

Doodle Jam kicked off again at the Notting Hill Arts Club last night. With live artwork from Mr.Gauky, Bromley & The 5683, there was an impressive set of canvas up for sale and a fair bit of drunk doodling. Doodle Jam is done for this year, but will be back again next year in February, so if you were too hung over to make it this time round put Anti-Valentines Day Doodle Jam Special in your diaries with more stuff to draw on than you can shake a dead cat at!

Koi Carp Observation Tower

This is an ingenious way of letting your fish have a unique view of the world. Created by aquascaper, TCHelmut, he has created a brilliant way of allowing his fish to see their surroundings and for us to see them. There are many potential applications for further design I think....


Loveletters Crew Fun Factory Pics

The Loveletters crew (Does, Dater, Chas) smash it with these abandoned building pics....


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pedro Louenco Illustrations

Pedro Louenco's crazy and dark illustrations pull together 80's comics & references and blends them with a superior hand in draftsmanship and humour...


Mark Rydens Meat Shop Painting

Mark Ryden was one of the highlights of this year's London Frieze Art Fair. Created for Paul Kasmin Gallery's booth "The Meat Shop" continues on the artist's motifs of charcuterie and the country's sixteenth president in a slightly toned down and Japanese inspired wooden frame...


Mashables Top 10 Typography Blogs On Tumblr

Mashable has compiled a great collection of 10 of the best Typography blogs on Tumblr. This had me lost in the world of Type for ages!


Chloe Early Solo Show

Good friend, Chloe Early launched her new solo show a few days ago at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York and her body of work looks so good in person. They are all painted on aluminium panels and are beautifully detailed.


 "As the exhibition title, Feathers and Wax, suggests, the concept of suspension is noble but also naïve and ill fated. Alluding to the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus, these materials allowed young Icarus to sore to idealistic heights and flout the sensible cautions of his father. The consequences were tragic. This contrast of dream and reality is given a contemporary retelling in Early’s painting Frontier Firecrackers, where a pair of youths are pictured plummeting through a garland of grapes and roses into a new environment of junkyard tires and cruise missiles." 

On My Way To Work London Graffiti 24

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