Thursday, June 30, 2011

On My Way To Work London Graffiti 19

World's Worst Photoshopped Photo

I know there are many photos out there that could take this title, but this image takes it because it was just totally unnecessary!!

The picture, which appears on the Huili County Government website shows three local officials inspecting a newly completed highway in China's Sichuan province but the men appear to hovering several centimetres above the tarmac.
What's astonishing about the poor display of picture editing is that it happened at all. Other photos show the men did visit the road and on the same day. And yes, the road was even completed. But for some unknown reason the photographer decided to ditch the original photos and go for a doctored picture instead.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Behind The Scenes Photography

Just found a great gallery of behind-the-scenes photos of some movie classics. Definitely well-worth checking out! See them all HERE..


Tim Jockel Holographic Fashion Show

This is an incredible video by visual artist, Tim Jockel who was commissioned to produce a holographic fashion show for German designer, Florian Sigl. The results are mind-blowing and don't detract from the fashion as one may assume this kind of over the top effects might....

3D Holographic Fashion Show from Tim Jockel


Jeff Soto Eddie Vedder Print

This hand-drawn/Wacom-drawn poster by Jeff Soto celebrates the first night of Eddie Vedder's US Tour. This is a five color print on Cream Speckletone paper with a signed edition of 100. Available from HERE...

Ventilate Poster Series

Ventilate's themed poster series is a great way to download really beautiful design art, so you can print it at 300dpi for dressing your walls with.....

See them all on the Ventilate site...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Aaron Horkey Update

Now why doesn't Aaron Horkey have a website?? If he does, then please let me know what it is! Typography and dark illustrator, extraordinaire...

Adam Krueger Art

Feeling the bizarre but beautiful paintings by artist, Adam Krueger...his website is down for now, so be sure to check him out in a couple weeks time instead.


Overloaded Pictures


David T. Cho Paintings Of Fighters

David T. Cho has a show opening at the beginning of July, which revolves around portraits of famous brawlers & mixed-martial arts fighters...

Mike Tyson 

Wanderlei Silva 

Fedor Emilianenko 

Antonio Noguiera


Friday, June 24, 2011

ESPVisuals Goes For E4 Sting Competition

If you have a spare 10 seconds, please would you do me a big favour and check out JJ's (ESP crew) entry into this years E4 Sting competition. If you like his Sting, called "drip-e", please vote by clicking YAY! Thanks alot!!! Altogether, it takes 12 secs of your life...

If you like it, then please please click on this LINK and YAY! the video as it'll help him get better ratings!!! ( you don't need to register to vote)
JJ is extremely grateful to everyone who has already YAY!ed it and to anyone who will!

Richard Colman Update

Richard Colman was born in 1976, in Bethesda, Maryland and now lives and works in San Francisco, California. His work has this psychedelic dark element that keeps him as a firm fave in the ESPV camp....

You can see more of his work HERE....

RELAY Graffiti

Friday Hijinks

Images from here, here, here and here
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