Sunday, May 31, 2009

Skinner Show In San Francisco

Skinner will be launching a solo show at 111 Minna Gallery, in SF California. I love his tribal, colourful, scary monster-fest pictures. An artist with a bright future imho.


MSK Truck By Steel Lango

A wicked truck produced by STEEL & LANGO, MSK in San Francisco.

Graffiti Lampshades

More Info HERE.
Stolen from HYB.

Chaz Bojorquez And Retna Show

Calligraphic Kings, Chaz & Retna have a lovely looking show in Milan, Italy this month at the Don gallery. Including a big wall painting session plus gallery istallation...

Graff With Big Os




Saw on Ekosystem that the UK section has recently received submissions from 3 seperate artists all rocking the Big O-shapes at the ends of their pieces and they all use dotted outlines....just a lil something I noticed...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Drum N Bass/Breakbeat Drum Solo

A nice breakbeat/drum n bass drum solo. Note the zills on the hi-hat. Enjoy!

Concept Cars 50 Years Into The Future

Slick futuristic car design from Mazda, Nissan, Toyota & Honda. The brief was to imagine vehicle design 50 years into the future.

Mazda Motonari RX

"In Mazda’s vision of the late 2050s, advances in molecular engineering have rendered metal-based manufacturing obsolete. The rise of ubiquitous computing and artificial intelligence drastically accelerates the automotive production cycle. Cars are cheap, lightweight (around 200 lbs, or less than 100 kg), and equipped with intelligent crash avoidance systems that eliminate traffic accidents."

Toyota Biomobile Mecha

"Toyota’s Biomobile Mecha, a shape-shifting vehicle with nano-laser wheels, can read and adapt to changes in the environment and travel vertical pathways by means of biomimetic feet with powerful suction. In addition, the Biomobile Mecha is powered by pollution. A special skin derives energy from harmful substances in the air, so the vehicle never runs out of fuel (as long as the future skies remain polluted) and restores balance to the environment while it goes."

Nissan OneOne

"Billed as the ultimate pet, the Nissan OneOne (pronounced “wan-wan,” the Japanese sound for a barking dog) is a friendly, helpful member of the family of the future. Able to operate autonomously without a driver, the GPS-guided vehicle can help out by picking up the dry cleaning, fetching the groceries, and taking the kids to school. The vehicle can also assume various positions depending on the driving environment. It reclines to achieve greater speed, and it stands up to increase visibility and squeeze into tight spaces.

Honda 124
"The solar-hybrid powered Honda 124 (One to the Power of Four) is an energy-efficient, modular vehicle that can separate into four different fully functional units, each uniquely suited for specific driving conditions. A combination of robotics, artificial intelligence and molecular engineering (which enables the body panels to be reshaped according to use) allow each module to instinctively reconfigure itself and operate as a fully functional unit. Two of the modules are suitable for short-distance inner-city driving, while the other two are ideal for longer distances at higher speeds."

See more details and lots more pics from Pink Tentacle.

Sony PSP Go Images Leaked

E3 begins today and these photos have found themselves on the web just hours before Sony's official press release. The Sony Go has 16GB of internal memory, built-in Bluetooth and a memory slot. Apparently it's not supposed to replace the mighty PSP, but be its sexier sister.


In B Flat Music Maker

Stumbled across this really cool music-making concept on Ektopia called 'In Bb 2.0'. It's a bunch of youtube videos that are all recorded in B flat in some way. Put them altogether and have a play around, triggering off various samples. It actually works extremely well and I had a lot of fun experimenting with it!
Play with it HERE.

Blam Show

Blam has a new show just off Brick Lane on the 4th June. See you there!
Blackout Show
Private View 4th June
6:30 - 9:30pm

4th June - 1st July

Bennys Bar
119a Bethnal Green Road
E2 7DG

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mitsuko Hoshino Show

Koukan Gallery Presents:
Mitsuko Hoshino ‘tracing elements’

The first major exhibition of new works by Mitsuko Hoshino in London since 2003 will open at the Gallery Koukan on Tuesday, 2nd June 2009. The show will include twenty-two new works in a site-specific installation.

Mitsuko Hoshino is a London-based artist whose work has been exhibited in the USA, Europe and Japan. She was born in Kanagawa, Japan, graduating from Tokyo's prestigious Tama Art University in 1988. After having worked in the United States and Austria she settled in London.

Hoshino attempts to capture the essence of nature in her largely abstract work, incorporating her eastern background and experiences with western cultures.

Focussing on lines and strokes, her new body of work is chromatically reduced and rendered on one or more layers of semi-transparent material (silicone or drafting film).

Dates: 03-17th June 2009
Mon-Fri 11am-5pm, Sat 11am- 3pm
Private View Tuesday 2nd June 6.30- 8.30pm
Koukan Gallery
106a Alexandra Park Road, London N10 2AE

Batty Bwoy Tats

Sadly, I try to provide you all with as much artistic inspiration as I can, yet according to my stats, the tag 'Tattoos' is one of the most searched for things on this blog! So to satisfy all you body art mofos out there, here's my homage to the sexual deviants range....enjoy!

Montana Cans New Products

500ml Tarblack Low-Pressure
"deep black - constant pressure - high covering - extra fast - skinny compatible for fine detailed work"
Bitumen based, the Montana TARBLACK 500ml has been newly developed and reformulated. It comes equipped with the Fat cap White-Pink for tight wide lines however is compatible with the 1-5 level cap system, apply it however you want or need. This innovative new tool allows you to use TARBLACK in "Skinny mode" for the first time. Engineered to also allow optimal performance with skinny caps for the clean application of outlines and details.

600ml Tarblack High-Pressure
"deep black - constant pressure - high covering - extra fast"
The Montana Tarblack 600ml High pressure Bitumen can comes equipped with a Gold fat cap for extra wide lines, extra fast with constant pressure from start to finish. Forget the brownish shade of standard Tar Black products, the Montana Tarblack is a rich, deep black. Compatible with all colours, NEW Montana Tarblack also now allows you to paint over with other colours without the typical tarblack reactions. The new formula also means no mounting of paint around the nozzle, no bleaching and no whitening.

600ml Silverchrome
"max. coverage - extremely fast - constant pressure - chrome fat cap"

The Montana SilverChrome 600ml is here! Also with the new look Stealth Black can, this innovative can has been completly redeveloped for maximum coverage in minimum time. Easily identified by it's new Ultra fat, unique Chrome Cap, this lusciously deep Silverchrome is compatible with other colors leaving a full deep, coat. Also boasting consistant pressure from start to finish for consistant application.

FLUID is an alcohol-based pigment ink. NOW AVAILABLE IN SILVER! It is light-fast, waterproof and abrasion-proof. Suitable for writing on any surface. The filling nozzle under the cap ensures clean refill of markers. Available also in deep black. Contents: 200ml.

Montana Balltip Marker

A very simple and rugged refillable empty marker with a duroplastic body. The Balltip marker is available as 2mm (red) and 6mm (yellow) tip. Great for juicy and drippy tags! works good especially on rough surfaces...

Find out about more of their products HERE.
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