Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birth Of A Spraycan Video

Birth of a Spraycan from Montana Cans
Ever wondered how a Montana Spraycan gets produced? This video gives you a inside look of the production, from the first to the last step!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hikari Shimoda

Hikari Shimoda is an artist from Japan, who paints creepy children....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New York Graffiti Pt 3

TOWNS RT in Hong Kong

Towns x Hong Kong from Plastic Bones.

TOWNS, RT has just put out a video of his trip in March to my homeland of Hong Kong!

Upmost Zine 6

London Handstyle Zine, UPMOST is onto their 6th Issue Now! Read it ABOVE!

Art Shows in London April 28th Onwards

Alex Fakso's 'Fast Or Die' Book Launch

Alex Fakso became involved with photography since the early 90s when he acquired a camera to capture his own pieces on trains. His new book, 'Fast Or Die', documents life on the subways with imagery taken from across the globe, from the UK to the US, and as far as Russia and Japan.

This time Fakso expands his view beyond graffiti and shows images of ordinary people, common people plunged into the underground chaos: portraits of people running, taking the subway, sleeping on docks, sneaking into tunnels.

Friends from childhood and sharing the same passion for street art and urban culture, Alex Fakso and 55DSL creative director, Andrea Rosso have been brought together again with this new project. To support the project 55DSL have created six tees with pics and graphics taken from the book. Fast or Die will be available together with tees in selected 55DSL stores worldwide.

55DSL are launching the t-shirts and book at an exhibition of Alex's images at 55DSL's Studio55 (10a Newburgh St, London) in London on April 28th.

'The Reign Of Pink'
By Buff Monster
29.04.11 - 29.05.11
This is the premier London solo show from renowned Californian street artist Buff Monster. Featuring paintings on board, installation work and also the release of a limited edition print.

Celebrating 10 years of the king of pink Buff Monster has created a brand new body of work expanding on and revisiting familiar themes that he has become synonymous with. The artist has become famous for his signature candy pink bubbles, drips, ice cream sundaes, breasts and Japanese-inspired cutesy winged characters (also called Buff Monsters) which bring a smile to the face. As well as his highly collectable fine art paintings Buff Monster is known all over the world for his collectible toys and design projects.

Stolenspace Gallery
Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane

The night will see Kids Of Grime aka photographer Verena Stefanie's first solo exhibition and equally important the first ever Grime photography exhibition.

Verena's documentary of grime has evolved into a project that involves all artists-emcees, moments, radio sets, studio sessions, something which goes behind the scenes and gives an insight into it, something to show in the future what was going in the present time. Although she has photographed numerous big names, Skepta, P Money, Newham Generals etc. she endeavours to show no partiality towards anyone, instead she supports talent over hype.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skeletal Origami

Takayuki Hori creates beautiful origami (Oritsunagumono) with translucent material printed with animal skeletons.
"The material is then folded into the shape of the animal. The stark and eerily poignant origami prints reminds us that, much like the way the craft has been passed down from generation to generation, these animals that have accompanied us for thousands of years now face extinction."



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New York Graffiti Pt 2

Shan Jiang Illustration

Shan Jiang is an illustrator from Shanghai who has been working for design agency, ILoveDust since 2005. His work is amazing and his portfolio deserves some serious attention!


Monsters Of Art 20 Years Of Havoc

A definite collectable book by On The Run. It chronicles 20 years of the lives & tales of one of Europe's most prolific train bombing crews, MOAS. Check the teaser book on ISUU HERE. Official release is on the 29th April and they will be doing a release party in Berlin on the 6th May!

The Downside to MOCA LA

It seems that with the huge amount of press/public attention on Los Angeles right now, with the MOCA in full swing, the LAPD have decided to clamp down big-time on any 'Vandalizers' in their town right now. So be warned! REVOK was arrested Thursday morning, and now Space Invader is currently on the wanted list.....but when you have this many graffiti/streetartists in one town at one time, this is bound to happen. Keep abreast of the situation on LAPD's 'Most Wanted Graffiti Taggers' (LOL!) website.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tony Curanaj Realism Paintings

Artist, Tony Curanaj was born and raised in New York. He is a young, dynamic, multi-talented painter who studied at the School of Visual Arts, The National Academy of Design and the acclaimed Water Street Atelier. Although his focus was always on classical painting, Tony did start his fine art career as an innovator and a legendary influence in the worldwide graffiti scene (known as “SUB”), and a founder of the esteemed “D.F.” crew. His reputation for executing work of the highest quality landed him at Disney as a head designer and painter before his decision to concentrate solely on his love for representational realism.

Mike Leavitt Art Army Figures

Love Mike Leavitt's set of Artist figures...they are available from HERE.

 Damien Hirst

Jeff Koons

Takashi Murakami


Matthew Barney


The Krah Show Pics

If you haven't had the chance to check out The Krah's show in W1, then here's some pics for you...

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