Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Experimental Flatland BMX Video

2 years ago, David Hallett approached James from asking if he would be interested in filming a few things down at south bank, 2 years later, David finishes "Flat"...a very unique perspective of flatland has alot of potential to go further in the future.

Pictures On Walls New Outlet Shop Open

Pictures on Walls have just opened their new outlet store in East London!
You can now walk off the street and check out new releases in person, purchase special customised prints that aren’t available anywhere else and gaze upon original art and sculptures by some top name talent. We thought of describing it as London’s most exciting new gallery, but in reality it’s a print factory with paintings on the walls, a few sofas and a drinks dispenser (not yet installed).

These new releases are something a bit different - they're digital offset (meaning printed entirely by machine) and then hand screen printed with spot varnishes for added emphasis and real texture. Each is signed by the artist, limited in edition and the results are really rather good. Gee Vaucher seems to have something to say about the true nature of beauty and body image, whilst China Mike really likes dogs.

A small number of the above prints and all future releases will be held back for sale exclusively from the factory store.

Open from 11 - 5pm Monday to Friday, 11 - 4 Sunday.
Ground Floor
46/48 Commercial Street
E1 6LT

Hof - An Icelandic Eco-House

Hof is situated in the Skakafjördur fjord, less than 100km from the Arctic Circle.
Due to the grass on the roof and the massive concrete walls the house is insulated and thermally stable. Geothermal water is used for the floor heating and radiators as well as for all domestic use. Electricity is made from hydroelectric and geothermal sources. Not only is this house eco-friendly and efficient, its so nice as well!


Dizzee Rascal VS Ghostbusters Mash-Up

A fantastic mash-up! Instant foot-tapping and head nodding!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exorcist Figure Antichrist Toy

You have to be a pretty 'Die-Hard' fan to want to own this figure. I mean, honestly, imagine having to see this figure everyday on your shelf...

KevinCYR Vehicle Paintings

KevinCYR makes great paintings of vehicles, from trucks to strange camper bike installations with an almost photographic realism.

Thanks to RONZO for the info!

TATS Cru Fire Pieces

Lovely fire-themed technical pieces by the TATS Cru members, Totem & How/Nosm...


Worlds First Spider Silk Tapestry

Weavers in Madagascar have done something never seen before. After 4 years of work, and the silk from 1 milion spiders, they have made an 11 x 4ft tapestry made completely of spider silk.
The color is a radiant gold — the natural color of the golden orb-weaving spider, from the Nephila genus, one that's found in several parts of the world.
Simon Peers, a textile maker who lives in Madagascar, conceived the project. Weaving spider silk is not traditional there; a French missionary dreamed it up over a century ago but failed at it. The only known spider silk tapestry was shown in Paris in 1900 but then disappeared.

The main threads consist of 96 twisted silk lines. The brocaded patterns in the tapestry — stylized birds and flowers — are woven with threads made up of 960 spider silk lines. Peers says they never broke a single strand, yet the tapestry is as soft as cashmere.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Painting With Fireworks

These awesome images are the product of New York based artist Rosemarie Fiore. She has some unusual methods of image making which have included waffle irons and amusement park rides!

Monday Laughs

If you despise Mondays, hopefuly these absurd pics will cheer you up a bit. Except the ducks and the horse. Thats not really that funny.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wall Lords Korea Stage

Below are the main finalists from the Korean stage of the Wall-Lords asian comp. Next month will be the China stage..

AOS Clan

Liquid Fire Crew

Blackhand Crew

MadVictor Crew

BSN12 Crew

Western guests, Ewok & Pose were invited to showcase their advanced techniques below, with each doing the other's name....

Ewok by Pose
Pose by Ewok


Ines Brunn's Fixed Gear Bike Tricks

Ines Brunn is an amazing bike rider. Check out her skills!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pingu Loves Jungle

A great video. Its long, but watch it all the way through!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pyramid PC Custom Case Mod

If you've seen Stargate then you'll recognise this creation by Modder Gup. It features a moving side panel and built in lights which can all be operated by remote control. Inside the Pyramid you won’t find mummies, but you will find a 5" screen with an Intel T7200 Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of DDR2 Ram and a 160GB hard drive. Check out the video below which shows the design and development stages all the way through to the finished product.


Joytron Singibigi

What I like about the Joytron Singibigi is that it is very much old school. Not only does it bring back the days when video game controllers were actual joysticks, and buttons were concave and very big, but it brings back the wooden look. Not that fake plastic wood, but real wood.
It can work with PS3, PS2, and PCs with USB. What’s the cost of this nice looking gaming accessory? US$39. Bargain.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alien Lego Diorama II

A nice lil chestburstin' action for Alien fans....

See my first post on Alien-inspired Lego Dioramas HERE.

COMBO By Blu And David Ellis

Streetartist Blu & painter David Ellis collabed on this wicked stop-frame animation in italy this year as part of the Fame festival.

Two Cool Tables

Chul an Kwak is a young Korean designer who aims to inject furniture with dynamic emotion, breaking from the static norms.

There are 2500 LEDs integrated into the table top, together with two track pads they recreate the classic Pong game. When turned off, the integrated technology disappears completely, leaving a simple, beautiful and practical dining table.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Be Bold Be Gold At The Victorian Albert Museum

Be Bold – Be GOLD
Rescaling Contemporary Crafts
Tuesday 22 – Thursday 24 September
Art Studio, Sackler Centre
(The Sackler Centre is the V&A's centre for public learning through creative design and the arts)

Bring along your own object to be gold-leafed by students from the Royal College of Art’s Goldsmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery Department. See how they challenge popular perceptions of craft as the poor relation of design and demonstrate their different approaches to creating innovative and unusual objects. Explore the results in a special display and talk informally with them about their work and the design process.
Free, drop-in
V&A South Kensington
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

p.s. I wish I wasn't at the office! Otherwise some of my toys would have had a lovely 'gold' look. Damn shame!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Table-Flipping Arcade Game

In Japanese, people often talk about flipping over a table in anger — "chabudai gaeshi" or "upending the tea table" is seen throughout popular culture in Japan. Of course, when some people in Japan get totally pissed off, they might actually flip over the tea table.
Japanese arcade game Cho Chabudai Gaeshi is a score attack game that lets players pound a soft table for combos and then upend it for the finishing move. Settings include a host club, a wedding party, an office and a Japanese style living room. So for example, in the living room stage, players bang on the table as their family complains more and more and finally flips over the table.
Its one of the more bizarre arcade games I've seen and I cant wait to play it!


Avatar Movie Trailer

"A paraplegic ex-marine war veteran (Sam Worthington) is unwillingly sent to establish a human settlement on the distant planet of Pandora, only to find himself battling humankind alongside the planet’s indigenous Na’vi race in this ambitious, digital 3-D sci-fi epic from Academy Award-winning Titanic director James Cameron."

Quite possibly I may spontaneously combust in anticipation for this film. Apparently it's going to come out in the Imax cinema. Fuck Toy Story, go see this.

Obscura Cuelight Pool Table

This pool table by gadget company, Obscura tries to make the experience of playing pool that much cooler with the addition of projected visuals onto the table top. It uses sensors and motion detectors with an overhead projector to create images on your table. While balls reveal an image hidden underneath, the system can also be configured to trail flames behind the balls, or even project a pool of water on the table that creates ripples as the balls strike the side rails. The system costs around $80,000 (pool table not included!!)


Kamen Rider Rules

Why didn't we have Kamen Rider in the West in the 80's? This character kicks serious ass and is a hit with the ladies despite his grasshopper-like face! This 2 min. video sees him take on a mecha-T Rex and save two hotties from certain doom!

Michael Lau Interview

Vinyl Pulse recently travelled to Hong Kong, where they had the chance to ask toy-legend, Michael Lau a couple questions in the run up to his major 10th Anniversary toy/book releases. You can read their interview HERE. It's amazing to think that this art-toy phenomenon has lasted a decade now and was spawned from Hong Kong all those years ago. (Also makes me feel a lil older too!) I still cant shake the toy collecting bug.....

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