Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hoth Base Diorama Lego Custom

I know I know. This is the millionth lego custom I have posted but they just seem to be getting better and better!
The 5' x10' Hoth base diorama consists of 60,000 pieces and has cool features such as 50 real LED lights and a remote controlled mechanism that deploys troops from the AT-ATs. Created by Mark Borlase, he spent about $3,000 and over 4 years in the making to complete this diorama. What a beautiful loser!
(Click to enlarge and see that he has also added footprints to the snow!!!! WTF!)

Overall view of interior of Echo base. Lights from "Life Lites"

He tried to match some of the interior views that I found in the book "The Art of Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back".

Interior view with custom down lights, runway lights, custom walkway.

Sick bay with cutom medical droid and bacta tank.

Hoth battle with 2 custom ATAT walkers

See more of Brickplumber's custom works HERE.


Os Gemeos Go Big

Those mischevious twins go big under a bridge in Brazil....


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Graffiti Is For Life Not Just For Christies

Cept kills it with his latest piece on Sclater St, East London

Pics [VIA]

Mickey Mouse X Transformers

Wow! Another slightly retarded crossover project involving a Disney character and some other 'cool' brand. Retarded as it may be, I'm still a fan of its weirdness! Apparently, for Tomy Takara's 25th Anniversary, they decided to team up with legendary character Mickey Mouse to do a special collab toy which is set to be released feb 2009 for approx $45 USD! (Look out for the limited grey edition too)


Clear Cut Robot To Combat Forest Fires

Designed by Jordan Guelde & Daniel Shankland II, this robot is aimed at fighting raging forest fires and going where firemen can't. By clearing belts of wood and debris around the inferno, it is possible to stop it from spreading any further. Armed with buzz saws, extinguishers and various tools, this bot is one high-tech momma! Although only in concept phase, this could prove to be an invaluable fire-tool...


Monday, December 29, 2008

Line Barrels Of Iron Mecha

Apparently, this mech-kit is a character featured in the anime Line Barrels Of Iron. The colors (paintjob) look great and I hope to one day own it!!

You can watch the first episode (subbed) HERE.


Christian Lorenz Scheurer

This guy has an incredible resume. He has worked as a visual consultant and concept artist for feature films such as The Golden Compass, Superman Returns, Animatrix, Final Fantasy (Spirits Within), Titanic and The Fifth Element! Each concept piece he comes up with is filled with detailed sections that would have taken hours and hours of hard graft, both with a pencil and tablet.
Click on Images to enlarge...

He currently has a show at the Gnomon Gallery in CA, USA which ends January 9th...
You can see Christian's website HERE.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Graffiti Tourist: Russia

And so to Russia, the 58th and last stop on the tour. Kinda sad to end it, but I'm exhausted with it.
These are some pieces from Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Lego Steampunk

Guy Himber does a great job mixing Lego Bionicle parts with Lego System Elements to create wicked looking Steampunk creations.

You can see many more pics of Guy's work HERE.


The Nintendo Family Tree


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best Of ESPVisuals 2008

It's been a brilliant year of blogging and I have enjoyed every single post that has been up this year. From the 600 posts of 2008, I have gleaned what have been the most read up to today and I have to say, it seems that the majority of our readers are a pretty dark-minded bunch! Here they are in reverse order:

We hope to see you next year with even more wacky, beautiful and thought-provoking posts to come!

Graffiti Tourist: China

These are some pieces from the city of Shanghai.




Tomorrow I will be visiting Russia.

Merry Xmas Cards

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