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A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index: first started out as a light novel written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustrated by Kiyotaka Haimura in 2004 and ran for 22 volumes.  In 2008 it was finally adapted into an anime, directed by HiroshiNishikiori and ran for 24 episodes. Luckily things did not end there, because there was a second season that ran for another 24 episodes.  Season 1 and 2 covered the first 6 volumes of the novels.  There was also a 24 episode spin off created in 2009 adapted from the manga entitled: A Certain Scientific Railgun and this also ran for a second season, but I will be sticking with the original anime for this review. Only because I haven’t watched the spin offs yet.  Yeah I know it’s hard to believe: a super otaku with a life but I am one of those rare breeds and although I spend way too much time watching anime and reading manga I have been diligently writing books (self promo sorry had to do it)… but enough of that back to the anime.  

This anime takes place in Academy City. This city is dedicated to science and advancing superhuman students called ESPers.  Because science is the driving force in the city the majority of its citizens believe there is no such thing as magic.  But with everything there is always a flip side and in this anime it is magic; which is controlled be the church. The main character is Toma Kamijo, and on the surface he is your average slacker high school student with barely any ESP abilities.  Looks can be deceiving, because Toma has a power, stronger than anyone posses in Academy city, in his right hand called Imagine Breaker.   It has the power to cancel out any supernatural power both ESP and magic.  Unfortunately his right hand also cancels out all of his luck so he is the unluckiest guy on the planet. 

As his luck (or lack thereof) would have it Index Labrorum Prohbitorum or Index literally drops into his life.  Index is a nun who is from a secret magical branch of the Church of England and she has the contents of 130,000 forbidden magical books stored in her head.  This has made Index a target for other rouge magicians who want the power these books contain. Toma decides he has to protect Index and this is where this wacky anime begins. There are a lot of funny scenes and the plot line that runs throughout this series is good but it is one of those take it or leave it anime.  I would recommend this one if you have nothing else to watch and just want something funny to watch. Even though this anime has a lot of action and it is funny, I just felt it was lacking something and in the end it is not one of those that made you want to shout about it.        

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Applying Modern Film Editing to 1900's Footage

What happens when you apply modern editing to film footage from the 1900's? By correcting the frame rate, stabilising the motion and enhancing the images to HD, suddenly the past doesn't look so old.

Wash Your Hands In The Streets of London

This great concept piece by Julia Kononenko is a wooden three-dimension basin representing the streets of central part of London. The London map choice being a tribute to the fact that it was England where first industrial products had appeared back in the XVIII century.


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Handpainted Type Piece

Nice handpainted typographical piece by Job Wouters at the Walker Art Center....


London Tube MindMelt

 photo Gif-Which-Way-Is-This-Train-Going_zps0a3c28d6.gif

 YOU decide which direction the Tube is travelling....


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Dead Mans Bones- Dead Hearts Video

So messed up in a good way..

DEAD MAN'S BONES - DEAD HEARTS from Zach Shields on Vimeo.


Chocolate Nike Air Max

Full-scale replica chocolate Nike Air Max's by Joost Goudriaan....


The Rain Room

Such a good idea! Walking through rain without getting wet. The Rain Room installation which was at The Barbican was one of their best pieces recently...

Pedro Matos LA Show 2013

"Pedros Matos’ first LA exhibition ‘Building Castles Made of Sand’ opens on 17th May at Martha Otero Gallery. The exhibition will feature a new series of oil paintings on canvas and azulejo panels – a traditional Portuguese medium of hand-painted, tin-glazed ceramic tile work. It runs until June 15th and is definitely worth checking out to see his unique style of work made up of layering and the huge variety of textures and mediums he works with. "


Coarse Toys Souls Gone Mad Show

Was meant to post about this ages ago. Coarse Toys 7-inch to 14-inch to Massive resin sculpture show is quite possibly the best collection of sculptures I have seen from a toy company, possibly, ever?!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Beer Turnstile

Carnival in Rio is exuberant and outrageous. So beer brand Antarctica as a main sponsor decided to match their advertising with a potent message of ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’. Arrive safely at home after drinking by using the a ‘Beer Turnstile’ at the metro station. do we get every subway system to implement this?


Monday, May 06, 2013

Miniature Melbourne: A Short Film

Check out this short tilt-shift time-lapse film featuring the city of Melbourne by  Nathan Kaso. This piece is 10 months in the making and features a range of different events and festivals held in the city throughout the year.
I absolutely love it!

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Eric Franklin Glass Skulls


Mike Doyle 200000 Lego Brick City

A Lego fan has built a 200,000-brick alien city to celebrate "spirituality, peaceful ET contact and fantastical worlds". Mike Doyle's first city - Contact 1 - is five feet tall by six feet wide, and took 600 hours to make,

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R.I.P. Chris Mac Daddy Kelly

Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly of 1990s hip-hop duo Kris Kross was pronounced dead this evening at Atlanta Medical Center after being found unresponsive in his home earlier in the day. He was 34...

 Kelly's mother and the So So Def Family issued this statement on Thursday morning: “It is with deep sadness that we announce that our beloved Chris Kelly has passed away on May 1. To millions of fans worldwide, he was the trendsetting, backwards pants-wearing one-half of Kris Kross who loved making music. But to us, he was just Chris – the kind, generous and fun-loving life of the party. Though he was only with us a short time, we feel blessed to have been able to share some incredible moments with him. His legacy will live on through his music, and we will forever love him.”

Calligraphy on Girls

Pokras Lampas gettin' his mac on with Calligraphy on Girls...


RatMilk Zine 3

I just bought mine!

RAT MILK 3 is more of the same! Features photos taken around 2010 of graffiti, stickers, gates, fire hydrants, doors, trucks and grime in NYC.
Black and white laser print with cardstock cover. 48 pages. 8.5" x 5.5". Published 2013. Each zine is signed and numbered. Edition of 100. Comes with stickers, 2 are hand drawn.

And you should get it HERE...
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