Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nick Meek Photography

Loving the stark compositions of photographer, Nick Meek....

See more of his work HERE...

STRAY TMD Graffiti

New Zealand graffer, STRAY (TMD) is hot....

Paula Braconnot Anatomy Diagrams

Nice retro/contemporary anatomical art by Paula Braconnot...



OMENS & POSE (writing Free Revok)

Images [VIA] & [VIA]

Steven Jensen Shredding Video

Steven Jensen

Steven Jensen normally rides BMX, but when he sticks a couple pegs onto a fixie, he can pretty much do the same tricks! He is such a good rider!

Office Tour of Mark Parker from Nike

Toybotstudios has some great images taken of Nike's CEO, Mark Parker's office. They were taken in conjunction with the upcoming Whitewalls magazine interview. What a collection of toys and memorabilia!

Loads more pics HERE...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jen Stark Update

Jen Stark is still the queen of paper sculptures and she is coming out with more and more interesting ideas....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Havec Illustration

Havec is an illustrator/painter with a unique & dark edge, hailing from Bordeaux, France...

Word again to Studiocreme for the info!

Nychos Update

Nychos is on fire. He is painting so much, that there's always so much fresh stuff to look at on his site....

Ground Release Denmark Video

Ground Release / Denmark from Ground Release
This is a great video of artists ROID, KEM5, SOTEN, TOWNS, OPIUM, DEMS & SCORE painting the same wall (7m tall x 55m long!) in Koge, Denmark at the beginning of this month...
Ground Release is an international arts and culture exchange program based in London, their events bring multinational artists together to create unique and progressive global projects.

See the original post with the still images HERE...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Android Concept Artist

"Andrew Jones has been heralded as "the apocalyptic art shaman". His work is a hybrid of academic training, emerging technology and the mystical experience, bringing together a mixture of archetypical mythology and spirituality. Beginning his career working with George Lucas at INDUSTRIAL LIGHT and MAGIC. In 2002, he then went on to materalize a new vision for Nintendos Metroid Prime series."

"Most recently, Andrew began performing live on-stage as a digital painter, touring with underground DJs and bands. In Andrew's Live painting he searches to capture the invisible energetic elements of life that no photo or video camera are capable of reflecting."
See more HERE....

Look Street Art Berlin

These nice collage pieces were pinched from the Ekosystem site. Couldn't find any info about this streetartist called LOOK, though...

Jeremy Geddes A Perfect Vacuum

This show from Jeremy Geddes at the Jonathan Levine Gallery will be amazing. If I could, I would want to own an original or two from this guy. His works are so incredibly life-like and dream-like , all at the same time.....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

J Ryu and Brent Nolasco Ghost In the Machine Show

What a toy custom!! J*Ryu provided the sculpt whilst Brent Nolasco did the custom paintjob for the Ghost In The Machine Show at MyPlasticHeart....


Neon Sneaker Street Art

A nice little project by good friend Jerm....he used those neon glowing cables, (pictured below) to create some very cool renditions of sneakers in the dark of East London....

The Pool BMX Video by Nike 6.0

Amazing....pls host more events like this Nike!!

The Pool - The Full Story

The Pool was more than a BMX comp, it was one of the most extra-ordinary gatherings of the BMX community this century.

From the draining of a soon to be demolished local authority swimming pool in Dagenham, East London, into a world class park in less than two weeks was a feat in itself, but to see the diversity and level or riding on display at the launch event was truly remarkable.

40 international riders with a brand new team format saw non-comp riders, veterans, street destroyers and park animals all throw down into something far better than we could have dreamt of.

Thanks to StudioCreme for the link!

SE One Squat Painting

Sasquatch from Senseless Records asked myself and Probs if we'd like to go and paint a couple walls in the old SE One nightclub (which was occupied 4 weeks ago) in preparation for his insanely good Bass-drenched squat party on Saturday night, called Pachanga. Many thanks to the Hooked Blog crew who came down to chill and take some pics!

Check out this awesome Glitch-step mix by DJ Your Niece!
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