Thursday, July 30, 2009

Corset Piercings By Dan Brailey

Dan Brailey has been kicking up a storm with these ingenious corset-styled piercing decorations. I wouldn't normally feature piercing posts, but this was something totally new for me to see. Incredible stuff!
Thanks to Irieman from UK Adapta for putting me onto this guy!

Miss Cupcake Toy Release By Olive47

Long time friend Olive47 is about to release her wicked new toy, "Miss Cupcake" on Aug 1st. She has loads of images up on her site and Miss Cupcake will be available at Urban outfitters and Forbidden Planet; with more stores to come!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Solvent Abuse 98-08 Video Torrent

Old-skooler, SKIRE has just uploaded his new graff video "Solvent Abuse 98-08" online as a torrent for free. Be sure to seed it lots! The more seeders, the better!
This is what Skire had to say about his vid release:
"Was gonna do a “Proper DVD release” but figured it wouldnt exactly make me rich (If anyone remembers the old Solvent Abuse VHS series, you will know we always knocked em out cheap and it was never about money) but then I figured it would be a pain in the arse getting it stocked in shops and whatever so I figured, what the hell lets put it out there for free. Its 1.5gb MP4 so it will work on PS3’s and MP4 DVD players etc, if your watching it on your computer I recomend Quicktime or VLCplayer (be sure to click on view and watch it fullscreen).

It aint no hardcore train video, Its a bit of everything filmed between 1998 & 2008 featuring a few London Walls – Legals, Tracksides, Streets Loads of Italian runners (FS, Napoli Roma), some classic Hanover, Amsterdam, Copenhagen & Warsaw trains, walls, damage circa 1999, British Jams like Sleeping Giants, Roxe Jam2008, Cans2, JamEmIn, Meeting Of Styles 2008 and Write4Gold 2006. Barcelona Halls of fame, Newcastle old & new plus a few quick trips to Belgium, Spain & Johannesburg.
A fair few London Commuters (2002 – 2008) and a couple of Tube runners.
It also features Crews like ATG, DWS, TNS, NM, DPV & THIRDECADE.
With music by MetalBoxProducts, DJ Klose One, Matt Nice, Sober & Critic.
Its taken a me a fair while to put together and I pretty happy with the end result (2 hours long and fast paced hectic editing)
I hope you enjoy it and if you dont… well fuck off then, its not like it cost you anything…"

Info from Hooked

Art Shows Thursday 30th July

There is a private view of an exhibition of new paintings on canvas and paper by London artists SHEONE and O.TWO.

18.30 - 21.00
Thursday, 30 July 2009



Private View 30th July
Friday 31 July – Friday 18 September
Monday to Sunday 10am – 8pm | Thursdays until 10pm
Admission £10 | £7 Concession
Dray Walk Gallery, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

A photographic event unlike any other

Rankin Live! is a radical twist on the traditional exhibition format featuring
two shows in one: Shoot Me Rankin, the ongoing photo shoot of 1000 individuals,
whose portraits will be immediately included in the exhibition, and the Retrospective, including 600 images selected from a vast portfolio of work

Rankin Retrospective From catwalk to Congo, Rankin has produced an enormous
& diverse body of work. This first ever retrospective of his twenty-two year career,
is a museum-scale show, featuring an extraordinary collection of beauty, erotica,
celebrity, charity and commercial images, as well as more personal photographs.

Shoot Me, Rankin! Shoot Me, Rankin! is the dynamic live shoot element that puts the
public in front of Rankin’s lens to create his own personal portrait of the UK today.
1000 Britons chosen for their unique sense of style, their character or their life stories will be photographed by Rankin during the exhibition in an open studio and have their portraits immediately added to RankinLive.

DNA Show At The Horse Hospital

Multi-media group exhibition and screenings inspired by the world of electronic music pioneer and artist John Foxx. Contributors include Gary Numan, Alex Proyas and Jonathan Barnbrook.

The exhibition features gallery work and screenings and runs alongside the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2009 with media including fine art, photography, typography, architecture, filmmaking and music. Set in the unique surroundings of the Grade II listed Horse Hospital,the list of DNA contributors and the people they've worked with reads like a page out of Mr Edgy McCool's address book.

DNA Contributors:
Jonathan Barnbrook (Award winning graphic designer & Damien Hirst and David Bowie collaborator)
Gary Numan (Electronic music legend)
Alex Proyas (Director of I Robot, Knowing & Dark City)
Craig Hewitt (Graphic designer who has worked with Bjork)
Ian Emes - (Director of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon, Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, The Wall and Duran Duran's The Chauffeur.
Macota Tezka - (Award winning Manga Japanese film director. Surpervised CGI movie, Astro Boy & Pluto
Reiko Okano - Manga artist & musician. Collaborations include, Brian Eno
Karborn - Critically acclaimed new artist and VJ. Also, the son of John Foxx
Andrew Back - Has set up Glasgow's hacklab
spaces: the Chateau Institute of Technology (ChIT) and Electron Club.
Antonino Cardillo - Critically acclaimed architect
Rob C - New contemporary artist
Steve d'Agostino - Musician and David Sylvian and John Foxx collaborator.
Kevin Sampson - Author of 'Awaydays'
Ben Charles Edwards - Director of the Town that Boars Me featuring Kelly Osbourne, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Sadie Frost, Natt Weller, Zandra Rhodes, Andrew Logan, Dee C Lee and Jodie Harsh
Adrian Lee - Critically acclaimed international contemporary artist and ArtHertz collaborator
Angelo Cerantola - Graphic designer, artist and ArtHertz collaborator
Roger Spy - Visual Artist, DJ & ArtHertz collaborator

For more information about John Foxx and his career, and about specific times and events,go to
Exhibition open to public Tuesday to Friday 12pm - 6pm with screenings 2.30pm - 3.30pm.

Rejected Wii Games

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cept Prints

"Cult Of The Explosion" Full Colour Giclee print on 308 gsm Hahnemuhle Photorag paper. Edition of 30 Signed and numbered 50 x 76 cm

"Fly Wonder" Silk screened artist proofs, one on yellow 150gsm paper. 50 x 70cm

"Future Primitive" 2 colour silk screen print on Grey 250 gsm paper...edition of 7

"Infinite Mystery" 3 Colour silk screen print on Blue 250gsm paper. Edition of 25 Signed and numbered. 70x 50 cm

"The Ultra Decimal" Full Colour Giclee print on 308 gsm Hahnemuhle Photorag paper. Edition of 30 Signed and numbered 50 x 76 cm

Cept is having a clear-out and has some great prints at really great prices!
For more info and to order

Candy Coated Canvas Show

Candy Coated Canvas is a themed group exhibition showcasing unique artworks by various established and emerging international talent.

All artists have been asked to take inspiration from the title "Candy Coated Canvas" and create a unique art piece which is visually extremely colourful and playful, whilst sparking up memories of childhood, sweets, fantasy lands and those naughty but nice pleasures in life.

This eye catching exhibition will open Friday July 24th, 2009 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. The reception will showcase the complete exhibition and a pink champagne & cupcake reception served by female hostesses dressed in the Candy Coated Theme. The London Miles Gallery will be visually transformed in to a creative and sweet wonderland for the general public and press to enjoy until August 24th, 2009.

Featured artists:
Tiffany Liu, Dholbachie, Matthew Bone, Zoe Lacchei, Tadaomi Shibuya, Mike Bilz, Lost Fish, Ryan Myers, Sebastian Otto, Luke Kopycinski, David Plumbo, Jade Klara, Natalie Shau, Rudy Fig, Robert Tirado, Amanda Riley, Plush sweets designed by Scrumptious Delight.

London Miles Gallery 212 Kensington Park Road, London, W11 1NR

Tue-Wed 10am to 6pm
Thurs 11am to 8pm
Friday 10am to 7pm
Saturday 11am to 7pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm

Thanks to Wafflelicious for the Info!

More Weird GIFs


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun Facts: a buyer's market

More random facts from the Economist’s Pocket World in Figures (2009). This week features - Consumer Goods Ownership. Enjoy!

Color TVs per 100 households, 2006

1) United Arab Emirates 99.7
2) Taiwan 99.6
3) Hong Kong 99.5
Ireland 99.5
Japan 99.5
United Kingdom 99.5
7) Greece 99.4
Singapore 99.4
Spain 99.4
10) South Korea 99.2

Mobile telephone
Subscribers per 100 people, 2006

1) Lithuania 138.1
2) Macau 137.4
3) Italy 135.1
4) Hong Kong 132.7
5) Trinidad & Tobago 126.4
6) Estonia 125.2
7) Bahrain 122.9
8) Israel 122.7
9) Czech Republic 121.5
10) United Arab Emirates 118.5

Computers per 100 people, 2006

1) Israel 122.1
2) Canada 87.6
3) Switzerland 86.5
4) Netherlands 85.4
5) Sweden 83.6
6) United States 76.2
7) United Kingdom 75.8
8) Australia 75.7
9) Denmark 69.6
10) Singapore 68.2

CD player
CD players per 100 households, 2006

1) New Zealand 88.5
2) United Kingdom 88.4
3) Denmark 88.1
Norway 88.1
5) Netherlands 87.0
6) Australia 85.5
7) Germany 84.1
8) Sweden 82.9
9) Canada 81.5
10) Taiwan 70.6

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tron 2.0 Legacy Trailers

OMFG I can't wait for this movie to come out! Disney has decided to go for 3D and will have its UK premiere at the IMAX 3D cinema in LDN.
Check out the HD trailers HERE.


Hajime Sorayama X Original Fake

Available this weekend at the OriginalFake flagship shop in Japan, is the 'No Future Companion', Silver-edition figure collab by KAWS and Hajime Sorayama, a Japanese illustrator. Apparently, this figure has taken three years to develop with Medicom Toy and the first edition sold out staright waway. I'm sure this chrome edition will be snapped up quickly too. Well done to Kaws for doing some more original figures, instead of just ripping off Star Wars & Simpsons. (Below are pics of the original figure)


Michihiro Matsuoka

Japanese artist, Michihiro Matsuoka has created some beautiful steampunk-esque animal sculptures. He likes fusing rusty elements and animal structures to produce weathered looking figures.


Rooftops In Canada

Found on Ekosystem.
See more Canadian work HERE.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Movie Show : Watch it!

I recently had the pleasure of branding James Mullinger's new monthly film review series The Movie Show, where silver-screen trivia, exclusive interviews and previews are mixed with James' unique take on this years biggest releases! It's a must-see for any film enthusiast, and with each episode no longer than 10 minutes it's the perfect way to catch up on recent releases and is sure to get you chuckling!

Hailing from the Stand-Up Comedy scene in the UK, James is one of Britain's funniest, with awards and accolades a plenty! And as if touring the UK, Sydney and Toronto with his Stand-Up wasn't enough, James also writes for many well-known magazines and newspapers ( GQ, The Guardian, Men's Health, The Erotic Review, Bizarre as well as North American titles such as UMM and Toro), so it's likely that even if you haven't seen him yet, you may well have already read one of his articles.

Check out the first 3 episodes of The Movie Show right HERE

WiFi Micro SD Card

Remember the Eye-Fi card that made waves some time ago with its ability to offer Wi-Fi connectivity alongside a sizeable amount of memory whenever you plug it into a non-Wi-Fi-capable device?
Well, technology has advanced to a point when Wi-Fi connectivity is shoved into something much smaller - a microSD memory card this time round. Just in case you just crawled out from a rock or something, a microSD memory card is no larger than your fingernail, 11 x 16 x 0.7mm to be precise, which makes this feat all the more amazing.

What's next? A toothpick with MP3 that uses your teeth as a sound amplifier?


Thursday, July 23, 2009

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