Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wholetrain London Premiere Tonight

"Whole Train", a film by Florian Gaag is a drama that takes part in Germany, where the lives of four young men (graffiti artists) are played out. Good friend, DJ Philly has been trying to get this film premiered in London for a while now and it will be shown at 93 Feet East, 91 Brick Lane, London on February 29th.

ESPVisuals are happy to be a proud co-sponsor of this movie premiere and sincerely hope you can make it down to check the movie and whole event out.....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Since last year there has been a major increase in the building of D.I.Y. skate spots. It's a really exciting time for skateboarding for the fact that homies worldwide are empowering themselves to put down some un-hampered terrain the way they want it. Rather than wait to have some half-bullshit concrete to be laid by the council, only to find a plague of dummy scooter kids occupying every inch, every single day (I still find it hard to fathom this epidemic), they do it themselves. Kingpin Magazine and Carhartt teamed up (thanks to Alex Irvine & Daryl Nobbs) to shed some light on this sub-culture of skateboarding through a series of shorts entitled 'Set In Stone'. From England to much of Europe, there are some seriously dedicated folk out there proving that there is more to skateboarding than rolling around the place. I've tacked onto the end a place we built called 'Fox Spot' at the same time these projects were going off...enjoy and go build!

MPORA Action Sports

Set in Stone - Helsinki

More Skate Videos

More Skate Videos

More Skate Videos

BMX Record Player

Created by Dutch designers Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong, Feats Per Minute is a bike outfitted with a set of wheel-mounted turntables that play music as you pedal!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Metal Gear Solid Rex Released

The bad boy will be released 1st March for $490 by ThreeA...

Bonsai Tree Houses

"Japanese artist Takanori Aiba used to be an architect and maze designer/illustrator. He decided to take his skills to creating these table top worlds that would fit in a Bonzai Tree vase. Using paper, plastic, plaster, resin and paint, he creates these amazing, intricate and tiny buildings around bonsai trees..."

 [VIA- Toybot Studios]

Phron Chinese Graffiti

I've always been a supporter for writing graffiti in native tongues and I think that this young kid, PHRON, from China is getting better and better at Chinese lettering each time I check up on him....


Monster Train Graffiti

Seen running on an Italian line....


Friday, February 24, 2012

Filippo Minelli Photos

Been meaning to post these for a while! More about him here.

Animation Of Spider Eating A Moth

This is beautiful! Nice sounds, too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jamie Hewlett X Absolut Vodka

Absolut has launched a limited-edition, London-themed bottle, featuring a unique design by Jamie Hewlett. Hewlett's design is a take on London's style and fashion pioneers over the past 200 years....


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Graffuturism On Flickr

Check out the Graffuturism Pool on Flickr....

Ben Thomas Prints

Ben Thomas is a young and very talented graphic designer who is selling giclee prints at editions of 25 for around £20-£25! (I got the first one, entiteld 'Astronom' as a Xmas prezzie for myself...)

Prints are available HERE...


Marianna Ignataki

Marianna Ignataki hails from Beijing and is making waves with her bizarre and well-executed watercolours and illustrations...



Peter Gronquist Bling Taxidermy

"Peter Gronquist is a Portland-based mixed media artist, whose glitzy gold plated weapons and taxidermy sculptures are both a celebration of decadence, while at the same time, address pressing issues of consumerism and war. For his latest solo show, 'The Evolution will be Fabulous,' Gronquist expands on the taxidermy aspect to his work, incorporating a variety of pollards, accessorized with gold, guns and Gucci." [VIA]

Sharpie Lamborghini

Back in 2007, 19 year old CEO Brett David of Lamborghini Miami dealership and Miami graffiti artist Jona Cerwinske came together to turn a classic vehicle into something iconic. Brett began by arming Cerwinske with memories of his father, the dealership, and his aspirations for the future inspiring him to generate a mobile masterpiece drawn completely free hand with no preconceived idea of what the car would transform into using only a simple Sharpie marker.

Images from HERE

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sign Magazine

Sign Magazine is a nice little online (Issuu) graff mag that I found on the Upmost blog. Lotsa great pics of graffiti from Europe...

Tsukasa Bullet Figure

Just love the creases made from the latex boots! Amazing....


Scott Musgrove Walktopus Sculpture

Walktopus is Scott Musgrove's newest 5-foot tall bronze sculpture and it's my most favourite one that he has produced so far....


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