Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adapta Gallery Launch Show Pics

Our Hong Kong trip was amazing! So much happened in the week that we were all there. I will therefore be doing a couple posts for our trip, starting with the "Attention Spam" show itself.
To be able to hang with the artists and show them round my hometown was such a pleasure. Eating weird food, painting on the street, drinking & smoking hard...we did it all and literally got the t-shirt! (I will definitely dedicate a post just for the tees!)



Vesna Parchet

David Bray

The Adapta Gallery was really spacious...

Vesna Parchet's Prints

D*Face's Prints

Word To Mother's wall

This was the view from our gracious host, Nicole Schoeni's apartment!! The 44th floor on the side of a mountain offers you the most panoramic view of HKG ever...(click image to enlarge)

The next post will show the artists work for "Attention Spam" in detail...

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