Friday, September 28, 2007

Arthur De Pins Illustrations

Arthur de Pins is a French illustrator who seriously knows how to draw in the classic comic/pin-up style. He is an animator, illustrator, character designer, and director.

"De Pins multi-medium artistic style is fluid; all his works contain a very strong vectorial and clean graphic simplicity that is shared from one medium to the next. Some of his beautifully rendered illustrations contain stereotype characters, doing stereotypical things - many too, are glamorous, terribly sexy, humorous, bold and colorfully delightful. His excellent online portfolio contains over 180 illustrations of cartoons, sexy comics, advertising, posters, cute pin-ups, caricatures, and a plethora of other illustrations to see." Words [VIA]

Info: you can view Arthur’s online portfolio here, the site contains adult material that is not suitable for children and is NSFW .

Or you can just watch a Youtube compilation of his work instead:

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