Wednesday, April 01, 2009

ESPV Nutshell: April

April Fools is upon us once again; hope your day is full of kick-ass practical jokes. PHilfy in Melbourne has witnessed a gang of ‘Glad Wrap bandits’ who have completely Glad Wrapped over 400 cars, top to bottom, in the city area over night.. that’s some funny shit.

Below is our ESPV nutshell for April

Listening to: The Qemists – Join The Q (awesome DrumNBass meets rock band, female vocalists, new album out now, see for more info or search via YouTube for new Join The Q video).

Reading: The Watchmen, original 1980’s comic (very good! 4/5 stars rating)

Watched: There Will Be Blood (4/5 stars), and The Ruins (3/5 stars)

Have witnessed: Some seriously funny prank calling today – guy in the office calling the office manager and telling her that her car was caught on a surveillance camera last night doing a runner from a petrol station without paying, and could she please come into the station to have a chat. Which she did, before realizing she’d been pranked. That’s some funny shiiit! (See Friday Night Cranks on YouTube for a long list of prank call madness)

Gaming: Seriously dying to try new Total War Empire on PC, new chapter in the long Total War series by the Creative Assembly. Eagerly awaiting previews for GTA China Town on Nintendo DS, not to mention the sexy new looking DS (Reviews coming soon).

What’s hot? The clever dude that invented the Conficker worm

What’s not? The G20 in London


George said...

How are you? I’m George. I believe i had contacted you before regarding a banner exchange. i'm wondering would you be interested in doing a banner exchange. drop me a message if you are okay with it. Cheers!

Selph said...

Hey PH,

That conficker worm is scary stuff innit! G20 summit today, apparently all bankers are dressing down for the day and I'm guessing Cafe's trade will be good!

PHilfy said...

Ho George, thanx for your comment, an ESPV member will be in contact with you shortly, we are always interested in banner exchanges. Additionally if you have something interesting you would like to promote/share with us pls dont hesitate to drop us an email and let us know. Rgs, PHilfy

PHilfy said...

Selph - yea crazy bloody worms out there lol
Nice posts mate, some cool Adapta stuff happening, thanx for the Twitter/Blip info, will check it out now.


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