Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cat Johnston Show

One of the highlight shows of this year so far has to be Cat Johnston's debut solo show at the Concrete Hermit, East London. I loved how she took the figure/toy theme, made all the embroidery and uniforms for the various animal-figures and then created very simple but effective dioramas to go with them! It really gave the 'soldiers' alot more depth in their character, when you are able to see them fighting with psychedelic, neo-geo planes and tanks in the background, duking it out with each other....I definitely want to own/see more of Cat's diorama work. I think I'm in Love!

Originally from Somerset and now residing in London, Cat has produced commissioned work for Levi’s, Vice, Virgin Airways, The Financial Times, Fenchurch and Addict. Recent Group shows include “Silver and Black”, The Archipelago Works, Sheffield, 2010, “Urban Art”, Selfridges, London, 2009 “Bara Volante”, The Prescription Gallery, Brighton, 2009 and “Scrawl Collective” at No Borders Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, 2009. Her Concrete Hermit show will be her debut solo show.

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