Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fritz Kahn Steampunk Wizard

Influenced by Dada, neue Sachlichkeit, surrealism, futurism, Bauhaus, constructivism, Art Deco, neo-classicism, comic strips, photomontage, and advertising graphics, Fitz Kahn, and the artists working under his direction, visually explained how the human body works, based on the findings of modern biological science. (His images were all created in the 1920's!!)

At the same time, the images refer back to the chaos, violence, impasses, pleasures, dreams, and technological and sociocultural ambitions of early and mid-20th-century Germany.

Kahn deployed a visual vocabulary of modernism to figure industrial modernity within the body and the body within industrial modernity. The result was a corpus of images and tropes which imagined a new body for the modern age.

This video animation was created by Henning M. Lederer in 2009 (using the art of Kahn)it depicts the human body as a huge factory.

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