Thursday, December 01, 2011

Art Shows This Thursday December 1st Onwards

Xenz presents: Cloud Cuckoo Land @ Blackall Studios,
December 1-4, 2011
 PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday December 1, 18:00-22:00
PUBLIC VIEW: Friday, December 2 to Sunday, December 4, 12:00-18:00
 Blackall Studios,
73 Leonard Street,
Shoreditch, London,
 British artist, Xenz presents a new major solo show, Cloud Cuckoo Land in London this December. Famed for his graffiti murals, the artist exhibits a beautiful collection of new landscape paintings which immerse the viewer in an undiscovered world filled with exotic species drawn from the vivid depths of his imagination.

This is going to be the highlight of my night...

 Exhibition: 1 December 2011 – 11 January 2012 (Gallery closed between 23 Dec - 3 Jan)
Opening Party: 1 December from 19:00 (Private View: 30 November from 19:00)
Live painting by Riusuke Fukahori: 3 December 14:00 - 15:00
 Artist Riusuke Fukahori's London debut exhibition "Goldfish Salvation" transforms ICN gallery into the world of goldfish. When struggling with artistic vision, Fukahori's pet goldfish became his inspiration and ever since his passion and lifelong theme. His unique style of painting uses acrylic on clear resin which is poured into containers, resulting in a three-dimensional appearance and lifelike vitality. This exhibition features twenty new painting works by this leading Japanese contemporary artist.

'Wild Life' A Group Show
02.12.11 - 18.12.11
Artists interpretation of the living world in Sculpture, Painting & Installation.
The wild life of wildlife.
A flower growing through the crack in the pavement, the ivy scaling the fascia of a building, camouflaging, cloaking, pulling it to the ground, the tree growing around a concrete pillar, engulfing it slowly, morphing year on year. The birds nest in the rafters of a roof, made up of twigs and plastic ties, the nested young being fed the preservative pumped, calorie powered garbage bin rewards. These are glimpses of wildlife interacting, adjusting, adapting to the environment that we've created, over, around, on top of it, the once green meadow now a sea of steel work, glass and poured concrete, trees confined to their architect planned and perfectly aligned boxes.
But our wild life, this wildlife is playing a slow game, a slow deathly dance between the static, lifeless concrete structures we've built and the unstoppable force of nature. Adapt or be adapted, adjust or be adjusted, remember me? I was here before you, I've always been here, you need me, I am life. Is mother nature reclaiming our temporary oasis or is it adapting to the obstacles that we've put in its way or are we now having to listen to the reminder that this place is not ours, we are simply borrowing it?

Confirmed Artists:

Josie Morway (Painter)
Rose Sanderson (Painter)
Jennifer Murphy (Collage)
Kelly Allen - (Painter)
D*Face (Mixed media)
Dan Witz (Mixed media)
Jake Wood Evans (Painter)
Roxanne Jackson (Sculptor)
Kelly McCallum (Sculptor)
Jessica Joslin (Sculptor)
Kai & Sunny (Mixed media)
Katja Holtz (Painter)
Renhui Zhao (Mixed Media)

Opening party - 1 December 2011 18:00-21:00 2 December 2011 – 13 January 2012
Cremer Street, E2 8HD
 Wed-Fri 11-6
Sat-Sun 11-3

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