Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DJ Krush Gig Competition

ESPVisuals have teamed up with Soundcrash once again, for a competition to give away 2 FREE TICKETS to go see DJ KRUSH & Many More Artists on the 28th January @ HMV Forum.

All you have to do is email us with an answer to the simple question; 

"How long will DJ Krush's set be?"

 Please mail your answer to selphespcrew [at] g mail . com The deadline is January 25th so have a long hard think about the achingly obvious answer!....

 The undisputed Godfather of the electronic beats scene, DJ Krush, celebrates 20 years since his first ever live gig with a very special 3 hour set sure to delight his legion of fans!

DJ Krush’s importance as a music producer cannot be underestimated and without him some of the biggest artists Soundcrash puts on would simply not exist, at least in their present form. But despite his enormous influence, DJ Krush has always been a live performer at heart, honing his skills to perfection throughout the years and now capable of building layer after layer after layer of drum samples to the point where his audience have no choice but to completely lose it and immerse themselves fully in the wonderful, dark, and downright genius world of DJ Krush.

Main support on the night comes from a legend in his own right making a very rare appearance to pay respect to the sensei. Pioneers in the art of remixing, founding fathers of Ninja Tune Records, as well as the creative force behind what is regarded by many as the best mix ever recorded in “Journeys By DJ”, Coldcut’s list of accolades goes well beyond what most artists in the filed today can only dream of. Now dj’ing only when the occasion merits it (Jon More’s last London appearance was at the Ninja XX bash at Ewer Street Car Park) tonight he will play a very special set commemorating 20 years of Dj Krush.

Line-up: DJ Krush (3 hour 20th anniversary set – live)
Coldcut’s Jon More (dj set)
Anchorsong (live)
Kidkanevil (live)
plus more tbc

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