Thursday, July 26, 2012

Art Shows London July 25th Onwards



Late night opening: Friday 27th July, 6.30-8.30pm
(in association with SLAM Fridays)

Friday 27th July - Sunday 12th August

"When I was approached by the artist Hew Locke to take part in Deptford X, I immediately accepted. Not only am I fan of his studio practice, but when I found out it's proximity to the London Olympics, together with the work I was producing for my upcoming exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary, it felt like serendipity"
- Dzine

BEARSPACE and Deptford X are pleased to present the first UK solo show of Chicago based artist Dzine, invited on the occasion of Deptford X 2012. Phenomenon is curated by Hew Locke and Indra Khanna and is one of the highlights of the Deptford X programme, during the Olympics 2012. Phenomenon consists of a combination of mediums, which capture the spirit of “Szwaybar,” a phenomenon that is central to the youth of Curacao, and never previously documented or viewed outside of the Island.

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