Friday, November 23, 2012

Oker Goes to Jail

Last monday , London graff bomber OKER GSD was convicted for Graffiti offences and is currently serving a 2 year sentence... Pure Evil gallery is trying to help out by raising some money for his family, and they have 2 new OKER prints available...Check them out HERE.

Interesting story below from DRAX WD about the case...

'Look how far we done fell'.
Party Party!
Me & my friend, Oker decorated/wrecked/whatever this gaff with KR (Krink) for some trendy party in Shoreditch.. But that aint the point of this post. The truth is 'The party's over'.. I've just come from court & Oker has been sentenced to 24months (2 years) in prison.. Ceres, Bice & G-Money also received similar or slightly lesser sentences. A 5th person got a suspended sentence & fine (For a much smaller amount of damage)
You'll no doubt read in the papers tomorrow that.. 'Prosecutors described this 'graffiti conspiracy' as possibly the biggest they've ever dealt with' (well they would wouldn't they) . .In truth the lies & bullshit they threw at the judge during sentencing were quite disgraceful. He claimed not to have been influenced by some of it but clearly was. Let's be honest, a legal system that allows such nonsense is not one to be applauded.. After sentencing, the crown prosecution encouraged the judge to personally commend the senior investigating Police officer in the case (I wont name him because this isn't a 'personal' attack) But! It should be noted that the judge was 'prompted' to deliver this commendation & didn't decide to do so 'of his own accord'. Quite how the prosecuting police officer can also be the so called 'expert witness' in the same trial defies all logic. One would persume 'impartiality' would be a prerequisite to being 'an expert' in a trial/court case. You'd expect countries with 'kangaroo' court systems like North Korea to have such loopholes in their laws, but a country that prides itself on having a legal system that they claim is 'revered around the world' should take a good look at itself. Or to quote one of the geezers from The Wire... 'Look how far we done fell'.
Anyway! Once again the British legal system has proved itself to be a bastion of tokenism & vindictiveness when it comes to sub-cultural crimes or things it chooses not to understand. Sex offenders, the supporters of mass terrorism & rapists are treated more leniently in this country than graffti writers or (for example) football hooligans, video game pirates or ticket touts....
It's sad that these fellas will miss Christmas with their families & a large chunk of next year but it's even more sad the joke of a country we're living in. Hasta la victoria siempre.

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