Thursday, September 27, 2007

SteamPunk Magazine Issue 3

The rather excellent Steampunk Magazine has released it's 3rd Issue now and is available to buy at a very decent price or you can just download it from their WEBSITE. Full of great antiquated customs and there is alot of good background knowledge given. In their words;

"The term “steampunk” was coined to refer to a branch of “cyberpunk” fiction that concerned itself with Victorian era technology. However, SteamPunk is more than that. SteamPunk is a burgeoning subculture that pays respect to the visceral nature of antiquated technology.
It’s about “steam”, as in steam-engines, and it’s about “punk”, as in counter-culture. For an excellent manifesto, refer to the first article in our first issue, “what then, is steampunk?”
SteamPunk Magazine is a print publication that aims to come out seasonally. Full quality print PDFs of it are available for free download from our website [], and we keep the cost of the print magazine as low as possible. All work on the magazine, including articles, editing, illustration, layout, and dissemination, is done by volunteers and contributors."

Support the Cause!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a cool zine. You should put a link to their site here :P Just a heads Great Post otherwise!

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