Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The 8 Faces Behind The Greatest Costumed Horror Icons

#8 + #7. Dane Farewell and Roger Jackson - Ghostface (Scream)
Dane Farwell was the stuntman who was physically behind the cloak and mask for the majority of Ghostface’s screen time and Roger Jackson, a voice actor with over 150 credits to his his name provided Ghostface's voice.

#6. Roberto Campanella - Red Pyramid (Silent Hill)
Roberto Campanella played both Red Pyramid and the mangled bathroom janitor Colin, and also served as the film’s choreographer.

#5. Nick Castle - Michael Myers (Halloween)
Although it was Tony Moran who was the actual face of Myers when he is unmasked near the end of the movie, the person we see the most, the one that walked the walk and talked the uh-…the heavy breathing…is Nick Castle.

#4. Gunnar Hansen - Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

#3. Bolaji Badejo - The Alien (Alien)
One of the films casting directors picked up the 7-foot-tall, Somalia-born, North London graphic designer at a bar to play the star villain in Ridley Scott’s Alien, but once filming was complete, he vanished off the face of the earth.

#2. Billy Bryan - Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Ghostbusters)
Anyone who is surprised to see Stay Puft on a list of costumed terrors is either a sociopath or a professional clown or most likely both. In what could be called the most loved film of its generation, Ghostbusters also featured one of the most dread-inducing monsters since Godzilla (who, by the way, is only absent from this list because he fell more into the sci-fi/monster genre than the horror genre). With his blank eyes and plastic smile, the marshmallow man killed hundreds upon hundreds as he made his delicious yet deadly-looking rampage down the streets of New York City. While the character was portrayed at times through stop-motion and model work, most of the work was done by special effects master Billy Bryan – who not only performed as Stay Puft, but created the costume as well!

#1. Kevin Peter Hall - The Predator (Predator)
Kevin Peter Hall is without a doubt the best person who ever lived. Better than Gandhi. He was able to take a totally silent, mostly faceless, and often completely invisible character and make it the most physically intimidating presence of a film that starred Jesse Ventura, Carl Weathers, and freaking Arnold Schwarzenegger. At 7’ 2” he towered over his co-stars, but his size wasn’t what did it – it was the way he moved, his hunter stance and walk that just made you want to run for your life. Mannerisms that, after his unfortunate death, were mimicked in every Predator film to follow the sequel.


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