Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dan Witz

For those of you who aren't familiar with Dan Witz, I hope you will be a fan after you see the hyper-realistic pieces he paints on the street. They are usually tiny and take ages to paint but the realism he can put into his work makes finding these gems worthwhile. I wish I could see one in the flesh! Visit his website and marvel at the actual length of time he has been getting up for.

Dan Witz Words:
"I have to admit that with all the media attention on street art lately, when planning this summer's work I was feeling some pressure. All my grand schemes and ideas began to feel suspiciously self conscious. So for 2005's campaign I decided to get outside my comfort zone. I abandoned the airbrush and my usual bag of illusionistic parlor tricks and tried to keep it simple

Also, conceptually, I figured I'd squeezed the old 'Challenging The Integrity Of The Picture Plane' game pretty dry and should move on to uncharted-or less charted waters. But, this, alas, was not to be, so I thought it might be amusing to actually turn the wall into water, an idea which (besides being self conscious in a positive way) seemed to satisfy my formal needs, and some current personal narratives as well."
Images and text copyright of Dan Witz.


Anonymous said...

that is some wicked stuff!

Dee said...

wow, cant wait till i find a gorgeous thing like that in real life.

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