Thursday, July 12, 2007

Steampunk Mouse

I'm really getting into the whole neo-Victorian Steampunk movement and there are some seriously nutty people who are not only trying to make custom products wih a "Steampunk" feel even down to the usual PR product descriptions which are in ye-olde English! The mouse is known as a Telecalculograph!
I'm gonna be running a series of posts on Steampunk this week to see if you like it or not.

Here is the "report" that came with the post on Jake Of All Trades:

"Though the eccentric Professor William C. Ravenscroft remains stingy on details of his “Telecalculograph“, he has recently allowed photography of the device with which its user controls it. These images, as well as speculation upon their contents follows: One holds the device in a manner similar to the way a wood-worker holds a sanding block. The palm rests upon the “ball” in the foreground, with the fingers extending forward. The middle digit is placed upon the spiked cog, while the pointing-finger and the ring-bearing finger sit on the studded levers on either side. The thumb and small-finger rest comfortably on the side of the cylinder, helping to grip the contraption. The “Bug”, as the Professor calls it, is slid about upon a table top–thusly controlling a mobile indicator upon the Telecalculograph’s display. Push the device away from one’s self, and the arrow “moves” towards the top of the viewing window. When the arrow has been positioned appropriately so that it is pointing at the desired “item” on the glass, the user pushes down upon the various levers to elicit his desired effect. Turning the wheel in the center produces an action similar to turning a page in a book, or cranking a kinetoscope."

Thanks to Jake Of All Trades for the amazing inventions!


hookedblog said...

Blogged ye guys up!
check it.

jarito said...

Wow, looks great. My boy at work just finished his steampunk mod too.
Check it out:

Selph said...

ur friend has done a great job with his Macbook! Nice touch, cos it's just in the corner.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments, guys--it means a great deal to me to know that folks out there like what I do.

I must correct you on one thing, however. The mouse is called "the Bug"--the Telecalculograph is the PC with which it goes. It's hard to see in that font, but the word "Telecalculograph" is a hyperlink to the post talking about it. You can also see it here:

Thanks again for the niceties!

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