Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Fear" : 3 Canvases by Dkoda

A few new canvases I made last week as gifts for friends Stateside. The Dragon and Octopus are for my girl's nephews, and the Monster in the middle was a house-warming present for some friends in New York. I like to use these little yellow scared faces with an object of fear behind them as I feel it resembles the way society is administered these days.


About Me said...

They are really good, but also kinda scary, because you won't believe how similar they are to a painting I finished just the other day. SCARY!

Dkoda said...

Reaaaaalllly!!!? I often think our brains pick up on frequencies of thought in the air and are manifested through our many times have i had an idea and then seen it like a week later! Would love to have a link to your painting to check it out!..Maybe there are others outthere too!hehehe! Thanks for the comment!


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