Friday, July 15, 2011

1939 Pontiac Plexiglass Deluxe Six Ghost Car

"Plexiglass was a special material developed by Rohm & Hass, as they began working with variations of laminated glass. The result of their experiment was the discovery of this unique material which would be as transparent as glass and also provide the flexibility needed to mould it into a car....

"Using the designing blueprint of the chassis of the original Pontiac, Rohm & Ross created this car by putting together all other mechanical components, but each with their own distinctive finishes. Most of the hardware including the dashboard was chrome plated, the underlying metal bars were given a copper wash, and rubber moldings were made in white including the custom made tires of the same color."

This auto marvel was featured in many events since its creation in 1939, including the New York World’s Fair where it was an instant hit. From there it had changed many hands including the Don Barlup in 1973, Leo Gephart in 1979, and then an unnamed family in the early 1980’s where it has remained as a family heirloom. Surprising is the fact that despite being under the ownership of so many collectors, the car has been driven for only 80 miles, and has developed very little glitches as a result of it."

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