Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My Recent Toy Additions

Yes, I'm addicted. Yes, I have a problem........

Glow In The Dark 3.5-inch Buddha Statue

Gizmo with pull-back action

Glow In Dark Munny DIY
Flying Cat by Nathan Jurevicius

Glow In the Dark Puppet Master from 1989

Sham Da Clown by MADL (ltd. to 300)

Mephist Festa Boxset by Touma (ltd to 400)

Tygun Banded Blaze (Gold ed. ltd to 50)


I forgot to post about this from Xmas time. But I managed to meet my fave Hong Kong toy legend, Michael Lau in Causeway Bay, where he had a toy exhibition going on. I joined the raffle and managed to win this ultra-rare TooBigFoot toy (ltd. to only 29!!!)

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